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Benefits Are All Around

Brent Johns


Students explore the potential fitness benefits of various activities and the places in the community that they can experience these benefits.


The student knows the potential fitness benefits of various activities.

The student knows what community resources related to fitness are available.


-1 Basketball
-Basketball court access
-1 Clipboard, sheet of paper, and pencil for each student
-6 Jump ropes
-6 Hand weights
-6 Aerobic steps
-1 Large posterboard and permanent marker


1- Obtain the equipment listed in the Materials section.
2. Make a station card for each station that lists the name of the station and a brief description of the station.


1. Begin the class session by discussing the various fitness activities that can be done to improve fitness. Center the discussion around the benefits of each activity area. Then, make a class poster with students brainstorming various places in the community in which to obtain fitness benefits.

2. Divide the class into 5 groups. Hopefully, there will be about 5-6 students per group.

3. Briefly discuss each station with the students. The stations are as follows; 1) Jogging- students jog around the gym for the 4 minutes of the station. 2) Students do various step aerobic steps in time to the music. Students can do steps that are as simple as stepping up and down on the step or stepping side to side on the step. 3)Students play basketball; 3 players against 3 players. 4) Students jump rope individually for the four minutes they are at that station. 5) Students do curls and rows with the hand weights. Curls are done with the student holding the hand weights by their side and bringing the weight up to the chest, alternating with each hand. Rows are done with the student kneeling on a bench with one knee while the other leg is planted on the ground. They will let the arm hand down and then lift the arm up to the chest. 6) Students will do crunches during this station.

4. Explain to the students that they will be given a clipboard and sheet of paper. At each station, they should list the potential benefits of each activity they are doing, and then where they think they could do this activity in the community.

5. After students have completed each station discuss some of the answers that they came up with during their round of the stations.


At the end of class have each group that worked together at the stations present a short oral report. This report should include the benefits and community resources for 1 station that is assigned to them at the end of the class time. They should give this report in front of the other students with each student taking a part in the presentation. Students who unable to indicate the potential physical fitness benefits or the community resources will need feedback and additional practice/information.


As an exra class assignment, you might assign a community health resource to each student such as a gym or walking park and have them prepare a small report on the resource.
You might also bring a trainer from a gym in town to come to talk to your students about the services they offer.
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