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Vicky Nichols
Bay District Schools


This lesson allows students to learn about each other and their cultural backgrounds and provides an opportunity for students to have a long-distance relationship with students in another state/country .


The student uses electronic technology, including word-processing software and electronic encyclopedias, to create, revise, retrieve, and verify information.

The student reads and organizes information (for example, in story maps, graphs, charts) for different purposes (for example, being informed, following directions, making a report, conducting interviews, taking a test, performing a task).


- Permission form
- Checklist (See Associated File)
- Computer disks (one for each student)
- Digital/Polaroid camera
- White construction paper
- Magazines (that can be cut apart)
- Rubber cement or glue
- Markers
- Word-processing software such as Microsoft Word
- Lined paper
- Scissors
- Scanner (optional)
- Internet
- Email addresses
- PC camera/video camera (optional)


1. The teacher must have background knowledge of the Internet, email, PC camera/video camera usage as well as scanning procedures.
2. Write a permission form to inform parents that the students will be using the Internet to perform searches in addition to emailing a pen pal. Check with your district for exact guidelines.
3. Make arrangements for the long-distance pen pals with a teacher in another state/country.
4. Give students a basic tutorial on how to perform searches on the Internet.
5. Inquire about the students' computer technology experience and pick the two with the most experience to be Computer Assistants to help their peers with Internet searches, using Microsoft Word, scanning of collages, and emailing collages and friendly letters.
6. Obtain all materials needed for the collage.


1. Introduce the lesson to the students to give them a basic overview of what they will be doing: creating a collage that is reflective of themselves and writing a friendly letter based on the collage to a pen pal using email.

2. Hand out permission forms and explain to students that they will not be allowed to search the Internet or converse with their pen pals until the permission form is turned in.

3. Hand out Checklist (See Associated File) and explain how it will be used and on what students will be assessed.

4. Instruct the students how to write a friendly email letter.

5. Explain what a collage is and how students will use the ones they create as a basis from which to write their friendly letters.

6. The students look through magazines and on the Internet for pictures that tell about their interests, i.e. favorite activities, sports color, etc. in addition to their ages and items relating to their cultural backgrounds. (Only those students who have turned in their permission forms may look for pictures on the Internet.) Meanwhile, the teacher should take pictures of the students.

7. Students arrange their photos in addition to the magazine and Internet pictures and place them on pieces of white construction paper to make collages. Remind students that the collages will be used to create the friendly letters they will be sending.

8. Students then use rubber cement/washable glue to attach the pictures to their white construction paper.

9. Students use their collages to write friendly letters to their pen pals. The first and second drafts should be written on lined paper. At this time, the teacher should be circulating in order to make sure students are writing appropriate information in their letters.

10. Each student will get a disk from the teacher and put his/her name on it.

11. Students then use a word-processing program such as Microsoft Word to type their final drafts and save them on their disks. Students should be instructed to save their work often. It would be a good idea to check letters at this time to make sure that no inappropriate information will be included and that students have edited for conventions.

12. (Optional) Students scan their collages and save them onto their disks.

13. Students email the friendly letter to their pen pals. If students scanned the collages as well, that can be included. Note that some picture files are too large to be emailed through some servers and/or may take a very long time to download.

14. Students orally present their collages and friendly letters to the class, which may be recorded with the use of a PC camera (which will make a video email) or video camera so it may be sent to their pen pals. Again, recording the presentation is optional depending upon technical capabilities in the classroom.

15. Hopefully, students could converse with their pen pals a couple times a month through email or using a PC camera.


Students are assessed on: a) collage; b) friendly letter.
Use the checklist in the associated file. Students who have difficulty creating the letter, using the software, or sending email need feedback and assistance, especially if this is the first time they have done this. Note: students will not use electronic encyclopedias.


Use this lesson the first week of school so that students are able to learn about each other.

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