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Los Deportes (The Sports)

Amanda Yates
Polk County Schools


Students learn the Spanish words for sports. Then, they make vocabulary cards and test each other's comprehension.


The student restates and rephrases simple information from materials presented orally, visually, and graphically in class.


-10 index cards or construction paper squares per student
-Sports magazines
-Glue for each pair of students
-A pair of scissors for each pair of students


1. Get enough cards for each student to have 10 cards.
2. Get transparency/overhead set up.
3. Have enough glue and scissors for each group to have one of each.
4. Make sure there are enough magazines for each group to have one (sports magazines are best).
5. Make a list of pairs of students ahead of time.


1. Introduce today's lesson, “Los Deportes” (The Sports).

2. Start out with the cognates. Explain that cognates are words that are spelled similarily in both Spanish and English and that they sound similar.

3. Write “el tenis” and ask the students what sport they think this is in English. Most likely they will say, “tennis.” Explain that this is a cognate.

4. Have them write on their paper, 1. el tenis - tennis.

5. Next, write on the transparency, “el boxeo.” They should guess, “boxing.” Have them write on their paper, 2. el boxeo - boxing.

6. Next, “la gimnasia.” They should guess, “gymnastics.” Have them write on their paper, 3. la gymnasia – gymnastics. Then, give them “el beisbol,” they should guess, “baseball.” Have them write on their paper, 4. el beisbol - baseball.

7. Now, tell them that the next one is sort of tricky. Write, “el futbol.” They will probably guess, “football.” Explain to them that this is actually “soccer” and that “el futbol americano” is “American football.” Have them write on their paper, 5. el futbol – soccer, and 6. el futbol americano – American football.

8. Introduce the rest of the sport words, one at a time. These will not be cognates:
#7 el baloncesto - basketball
#8 la equitacion - horseback riding
#9 la natacion - swimming
#10 el patinaje - roller skating
(el patinaje sobre hielo - ice skating)

9. Have the students listen as you say all 10 sport words. Then, have them repeat each one after you.

10. Assign partners and handout 10 cards to each student. Each pair must look in a magazine and find a picture that represents each one of the 10 sports. They glue one picture on each card. They write one sport word on each card. Each person does 5 cards with sport words and 5 cards with pictures. Then, the pairs put their cards together.

11. Pass out the cards, glue, magazines, and scissors. Give groups 10-15 minutes to get cards together.

12. Once all groups have finished, tell them to test their partner by holding up a picture and letting the partner show the card with the correct sport word, while saying the word.

13. Walk around the room, listen, and observe students.

14. Have students switch partners and do the same thing again.

15. Close out class by holding up a students' sport pictures one at a time and having the class say the correct sport word (for final review and formative assessment).


Observe students and give positive and corrective feedback as a formative assessment. (See steps #12-15 in Procedures)


1. Add more sports to this lesson.
2. Use this lesson with ESOL students.
3. Use this same lesson with food words.
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