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Using technology and language arts, students create an Ancient Egyptian magazine focusing on the civilization traits. Individuals research, write articles and work cooperatively to assemble a product as a culminating lesson for a unit on Ancient Egypt. Report is published on the Web using SiteMaker from Beacon Learning Center.


The student locates, gathers, analyzes, and evaluates written information for a variety of purposes, including research projects, real-world tasks, and self-improvement.

The student synthesizes information from multiple sources to draw conclusions.

The student writes text, notes, outlines, comments, and observations that demonstrate comprehension and synthesis of content, processes, and experiences from a variety of media.

The student selects and uses a variety of electronic media (such as the Internet, information services, and desktop-publishing software programs) to create, revise, retrieve, and verify information.

The student identifies and understands themes in history that cross scientific, economic, and cultural boundaries.

The student understands the rise of early civilizations and the spread of agriculture in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Indus Valley.


-Egyptian History reference books
-Computer with word processing program, printer and web access
-Printing Paper
-Binding machine and binding combs
-Copies of Egyptian Civilization Study Guide
-Copies of Egyptian Civilization Individual Grading Rubric
-Copies of Egyptian Magazine student instruction handout


1. Gather resource materials for research.
2. Gain access to computers with word processing and printing capabilities.
3. Copy handouts for students.
4. Create student grouping (based on interests, learning styles,etc).
5. Collect student-made products (from previous classes) to use as a model for magazine.


NOTE: This is the culminating lesson for an Ancient Egyptian Unit. Prior knowledge includes: understanding the charateristics of a civilization, word processing skills, and selecting appropriate technological and informative resources.The magazine product is the summative assessment for the unit and assesses the standards listed with this lesson.

1. Begin class with a springboard activity to gain student attention. Distribute an article from TIME, LIFE, or NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC to the students . Have students read the article and make predictions about the civilization that the article describes. Ask: What can we learn about a civilization as a whole from a magazine article?

2. Then ask: How much do you know about ancient Egypt? Give Interesting Facts Quiz about Egypt. (See attached file.)

3. Review the characteristics of a civilization.

4. Divide students into groups of 4-5 students each.

5. Hand out student instruction sheet titled “Egyptian Magazine: Applying the Traits of Civilization to Ancient Egypt” and the “Egyptian Civilization Study Guide”. (See associated file.)

6. Explain and distribute the “Egyptian Civilization Magazine Project Individual Grading Rubric”. (See associated file.)

7. Direct students to resource materials and website references. (See attached file.)

8. Instruct students to select a leader for their cooperative team and choose their individual article topics.

9. Allow students to work cooperatively researching articles (approximately 2 days) and writing articles (approximately 1-2 days). Class may need to visit computer lab if classroom does not have enough computers. Students create their article pages on SiteMaker.(located on the Beacon home page at

10. Review editing process with students. Have students peer edit their group members' articles using the Individual Grading Rubric. Demonstrate the binding method. Help students construct magazines.

11. Each group presents magazine product to class. Classmates ask questions during presentation.

12. Teacher assesses magazine products (individual articles) based on scoring rubric. (See associated file.)


Use completed magazines to assess the student’s ability to:
-understand the characteristics of Egyptian civilization
-identify the theme of civilization traits
-locate, gather, analyze and evaluate written information
-synthesize information from multiple sources
-write text that demonstrates comprehension
-selects and uses a variety of electronic media to create informative articles
-performs advanced word processing tasks
-chooses appropriate sources for information

Note: Circulate and formatively assess students as they use the technology tools. Provide assistance for students who are experiencing difficulty and monitor accordingly.


Possible extensions include:
-Create a test based on the Egyptian Study Guide information
-Have students write a reaction journal to their experience
-Have students write an ancient Egyptian fairy tale
-Have students create an ancient Egyptian civilization alphabet book (ESOL)
-Have students write an ancient Egyptian soap opera based on their civilization
-Have students watch THE MUMMY (recent movie) and document all the inaccuracies in the film based on their knowledge of ancient Egyptian civilization
-Hold a classroom debate on the ethics of taking things from a tomb for museums
-Students write a Job Wanted Ad for pyramid workers
-Design a pyramid that would be safe from tomb robbers in modern time
-Have students write a creative story about what happened to the end of the Sphinx’s nose
Have students create a list of what they would want left in their tomb
Group work (ESE, ESOL,ADHD)
Word Processing (ESOL,ESE)
Career Connections
Integrated Curriculum

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