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Tear into a Story

Kim Gann


Students retell a story using the correct sequence of events, identify characters and setting using pages from the story that have been torn out and laminated. This will be done after the children have heard the story 5 times.


The student knows the sequence of events, characters, and setting of stories (for example, read-aloud stories).


-2 Copies of book (books with 5 pages or less, front and back)
-Chart paper
- 1 Copy of book torn apart and laminated


1.Choose a book with 5 pages or less (front and back -Wright Group books work well) that ties in with your unit of study. You will need 2 copies.
2.Gather materials:markers and chart paper.
3.Copy checklist with all students names and 3 areas of assessment.
4.Disassemble and laminate one copy of the book.


Day 1- While in circle time tell the boys and girls that they are going to listen to a wonderful story. After the story we are going to learn an interesting idea about the book. Read the story. Ask -Do you know that every book has characters in it?- -Can anyone tell me what a character is?- Explain that a character is an animal or person in the story. Sometimes there is 1 character in the story and sometimes there are many characters in the story. Ask -Can anyone name the characters in this book?- (list on chart paper) Review the meaning of character.
Day 2- Call all students to circle time. Reread the story and ask if anyone remembers what a character is. List answers on chart paper. Ask if anyone can name the characters in the story.
Today we are going to learn about another interesting part of a book. Can anyone tell me what the setting of a story is? Explain that the setting of a story is where and when the story takes place. Ask, -Who can tell me the setting of this story?- List setting on a piece of chart paper. Orally discuss different settings for stories.
Day 3-Call all students to circle time. Reread the story and review the meaning of character and setting. Ask the students to name the characters and the setting of the story. Ask the children if they can name different events or things that happened in the story. List the events on chart paper. After the children name the events, show them the copy of the book that has been torn apart and laminated. Ask them if they can choose the event that happened first, second, third, fourth, fifth or last. Put the pictures in order. Put the pictures from the torn out book in the book center of the classroom so the children may have access to them during center time.
Day 4- Call all students to circle time. Reread the story and review the meaning of character and setting. Write the characters and story on chart paper. Discuss the events in the story and have 3 children practice putting the pictures in correct order. While looking at the pictures have the children name the characters and identify the settings that are seen in the pictures.
Day 5- Call the students to circle time. Reread the story. Ask the students if they can name the characters and the setting of the story. Have 3 students put the pictures in correct order.
Some time during the day, conference with each child and have them put the pictures in order while naming the characters and identifying the setting.


A formative assessment will be done while conferencing with each child. Assess the ability to identify the characters, the setting and the ability to place the pictures from the story in the correct order. Record the results of the conference on a checklist.


This activity can be done with more than 1 book. As you accumulate more than 1 book, you may put them in your reading center for children to work on individually. Students may also practice retelling the story at the puppet center.

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