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Millions of Numbers

Lisa Driscoll


The students use manipulatives and cooperative groups while reading, writing, and identifying whole numbers through millions.


The student reads, writes, and identifies whole numbers through millions or more.


- Chart paper
- Wipe boards
- Markers for wipe boards
- Number cards (see associated file)
- Large sheets of construction paper with various numerals to the thousands and millions written in word form
- Scissors for cutting number cards
- Baggies to put number cards in
-Assessment page (see associated file)


1. Gather materials for activity.
2. Make copies of number cards.(one copy per pair of students- see associated file)
3. Make copies of assessment page.(one copy per student- see associated file)


1. On chart paper review place value
( students should be familiar with place value, period names as well as placement of commas, so this is just a review)

2. Have students recite the place value names and period names in a random fashion.
Ex. _ _ _, _ _ _, _ _ _
Millions, thousands, ones

3. Once place values and period names have been identified, say simple numbers to place in the place value blanks, as well as having the number written in the blanks and having students recite the number.
Ex. 392; 4,675; 45,670

4. Show examples and non-examples of numbers that have zeros. Remember to have the students write the correct number as well as reading the correct number. Ex. 3,006; 40,020

5. Instruct students to take out a pair of scissors and work with a partner sitting nearby. Distribute one set of number cards and a baggie to each pair of students. Have the pair cut apart the number cards. (see associated file for number cards)

6. As the teacher is reciting numbers, the pairs of students will correctly make the number with their number cards. (The teacher needs to be circulating around the room while this is happening giving formative assessment to the students)

7. Practice ten examples with the number cards. Then have large numbers spelled out in words on large sheet of construction paper. Hold up the word card, have students make number with number cards on their desk. Do several examples of this.

8.Instruct students to put number cards in baggie. Then collect the number cards from each pair of students. As you are collecting the number cards, hand out wipe boards and markers to each student.

9. The teacher recites large whole numbers. Ask students to write down the correct whole number on their wipe board and hold up the wipe board in front of them. Do several examples of this.

10. Collect wipe boards and markers. As you are collecting wipe boards and markers, have students take an assessment page. ( see associated file)

11. Students finish the assessment page and turn it in to teacher.(Teacher needs to give additional assistance to children who show a need for reteaching. Once formative assessment has been completed, provide feedback to students.)


1. Use completed assessment page to formatively assess the studentís ability to:
- read, write, and identify whole numbers to millions

2. Formatively assess student's ability to make numbers to millions as you are reciting the numbers.

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