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Job Interviews

Summer Zephyr
Bay District Schools


Through the use of role-playing strategies as well as video taping, students practice skills required for effective job interviewing and listening skills.


The student selects and uses appropriate listening strategies according to the intended purpose (such as solving problems, interpreting and evaluating the techniques and intent of a presentation, and taking action in career-related situations).

The student applies oral communication skills to interviews, group presentations, formal presentations, and impromptu situations.


-Resume background sheet


Duplicate resume background sheet for each student
Set up equipment for video
Model proper use of equipment


1. Students view -Job Interviewing Skills- video and complete a background information sheet.

2. Students take turns role-playing the -interviewer- and the -interviewee- while one of them operates the camcorder.

3. After all interviews have been given, students evaluate each other using an interview rubric.


Interview rubric criteria:
1. Appearance--appropriate dress, posture, fidgeting, seating posture, etc.
2. Speaking--clear, few ums, used whole sentences, audible, few grammatical errors, etc.
3. Impression--showed self-confidence, could answer the questions quickly, shook hands, introduced self, etc.
4. Listening skills appropriate for interview
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