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Know Numbers Now

M Camber


By using manipulatives, hands-on activities and teamwork, students gain a greater understanding of numbers and will be able to demonstrate this by reading, writing and identifying multi-digit numbers to millions.


The student reads, writes, and identifies whole numbers through millions or more.


-10 card set of large poster size numbers
-Place value chart, copies for students, and overhead transparency
-Overhead projector
-Sets of magnetic number cards
-Individual team kits consisting of:
1. a plastic bag containing a set of 10 multi digit number cards (see associated file)
2. small chips or cards with a single digit number printed on one side
-Game chart record sheet (see associated file)
-Small wipe-off white boards for each student
-Dry erase marker for each student
-Multiple choice test sheet (see associated file)


1. Gather materials
2. Group materials according to activity
3. Make student copies of place value chart
4. Make transparency of place value chart
5. Make student copies of game chart record sheet
6. Copy assessment sheet for students


1. Prior to this lesson students have already been introduced to place value names and this lesson is to provide additional hands on practice before assessment.

2. Create interest and focus attention on the lesson by randomly handing out 5 to 8 large number cards and asking those students to form a multi-digit number at the front of the room facing the class. Challenge the class to name the number. Have the students rearrange themselves to form a new number and again have the students name the number. Take time to discuss with the students how they determined the correct name of the number. (Place value names, period names etc.) Once you have focused the class on the lesson, dismiss the small group to their seats.

3. Ask the students to look at the overhead which now has an empty place value chart displayed on the board. Call attention to the one heading that is already placed on the chart. Ask if they know what other titles are missing. Allow volunteers to come to the front and fill in the heading information.(tens, hundreds, thousands etc. to millions) as well as the comma locations. Allow for class discussion. This reviews period (category) names, as well as place value names and sets the stage for reading, writing, and identifying numbers correctly.

4. Using a set of magnetic cards, model creating a multi-digit number on the chalkboard chart. Orally name as well as write out the name of the number in words. Do this several times to ensure that the students understand what you are doing. Pass out student worksheet charts. Divide the class into teams of 3 students. Give each team a set of magnetic number cards. Have a member of team one come to the front and create a new number on the chart. The class has a limited time to copy the number onto their individual charts and add the written word form of the number. Check for accuracy. Continue process with each team until all have had at least one turn. Depending on the class and their progress/accuracy, you may decide to repeat this activity a second time. These student charts can be part of a formative assessment showing student understanding and growth.

5. Team leaders will collect the magnetic card sets and turn them in for a bag containing number chips and number cards and game record sheet. The number chips are placed on the desk for all team members to use. Assign three roles to each team: Leader, Construction Worker, Recorder. The team Leader then reads card #1 to his team and the Construction Worker will use the chips to construct the number spoken. When the correct number is made, the Recorder will write the number on a list in numeric and written word form. The leader will read card 2 and play continues until all cards are used. Coupons may be awarded to the most accurate team or teams. Informal observations of students recorded on a checklist will provide formative assessment.

6. Again, have leaders collect manipulative materials from teams, return to storage and get white wipe-off boards/slates and wipe off cloths. As an individual check, have students listen for the spoken number and quickly write it on their individual boards. At your signal, they turn their boards to show their answers. This will show individual understanding before final assessment. Check answers, giving additional assistance and instruction as needed.

7.Collect boards and hand out assessment sheets to be completed independently. (see Associated file)


Each student will have completed a place value chart and a game chart. These charts should display the individual studentís understanding of writing numbers in both numeric and written word form.
An observation chart/checklist completed by the teacher during group work would also indicate mastery/satisfactory/unsatisfactory performance of writing, reading, and identifying numbers.
A final summative assessment would be given to each student in the form of a test having both written and oral components.

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