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Looking Through Time

Kaye Maddox
Bay District Schools


A Look Through Time gives students an opportunity to create their own books using the Bookbuilder or PowerPoint program in order to share some of our local history.


The student understands broad categories of time in years, decades, and centuries.


-History of Bay County CD
-Bookbuilder (included with History CD)
-Computers (1 per group of 5 students)
-Books, pictures and other materials that might be needed to add to presentations
-Digital camera
-Field trip agenda to visit local historical sites


1. Become familiar with Bookbuilder and PowerPoint software
2. Gather materials and become familiar with local books such as:
(Books are available in the public library in Bay County, Florida.)
[Some Who Passed This Way
Along the Bay
Your 50 Golden Years]
History of Bay County kit available from the Media Center for Bay District Schools
3. Become familiar with a scanner (Students may bring in pictures to add to their books.)
4. Become familiar with a digital camera
5. Work with and train older students to assist younger students


1. Use this activity in connection with other lessons based on Bay County History and in connection with a complete unit of study that will be done with the class prior to doing this lesson.

2. After a study of our local history, plan a field trip where the students have the opportunity to visit the local historical sites that they are leaning about and researching. While on the field trip, have each group use the digital camera to take pictures of the site at the present time and include pictures of themselves. After including these current pictures, they will be able to use the historical pictures available to them within the History CD.

3. With students in whole group, demonstrate how to use the Bookbuilder and PowerPoint software. Make sure you show the hot words, movies, and sound clips that are included in the History CD. Teach students how to insert pictures, type text, insert sounds, insert movies and build their own presentations on PowerPoint.

4. Divide students into groups of five (smaller groups if possible) and work on building a book about our local history. The group researches their topic using the History CD, books, pictures and materials brought in by students. After doing research, the students develop their own books for presentation to the class using Bookbuilder or PowerPoint. Older students from the middle school may be available to help the younger students as they do their presentation using PowerPoint or Bookbuilder.

5. Students create their completed books for presentation to the class.

6. Use a multimedia-scoring rubric to assess the presentations.


Develop a rubric to assess the projects. Include the following areas in the rubric:

Planning: Did the student complete the planning sheet that shows understanding of broad categories of time?

Use of Technology Tools: Was the student able to use the hardware and software effectively?

Student Research (the content): Did the student provide the required content for the project (the student's understanding of broad categories of time in years, decades, and centuries)?

Creativity: Did student include pictures, sounds, or movies?

Grammar/Technical Skills: Did the student use proper grammar and writing skills/tools?

Circulate and formatively assess students as they use the technology tools. Provide assistance for students who are experiencing difficulty and monitor accordingly.


This lesson would be used to complete our study of Bay County History. It could also lead to a study of timelines and many other math and history lessons that could lead to a more in-depth study of local history.
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