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Who's on First?

Faye King


The students experience playing different positions in the outfield and learn the position numbers.


The student demonstrates competency or proficiency in self-selected activities.

The student maintains and improves motor skills and knowledge necessary for participation in beneficial physical activity.


-Television and VCR
-Abbott & Costello’s “Who’s on First” comedy routine – see Weblinks for appropriate site
-Attached file with Power point Presentation on player positions and numbers
-Softball gloves


Obtain Abbot and Costello’s comedy routine “Who’s on First?”
Arrange for room, television and vcr.
Have softball equipment ready to go outside.


1. Take students to a classroom. Show the Abbott and Costello’s comedy routine “Who’s on First?”

2. Discuss briefly the player positions and why the positions are assigned numbers.

3. Show the power point presentation of player positions and their numbers.

4. Draw a diagram of a field on the board. As a group, students name the positions of the players on the field and their corresponding numbers.
5. Take the students outside to the softball field and explain the lead up game “Move Up.”


Purpose: To experience playing each position on the field and to learn the numbers of the position

Number of students: Minimum of 13 players

9 players are on the field in their assigned positions. 4 players are in bat.The 4 players in bat will bat and run the bases as in a regular game. If a batter strikes out or is put out while running the bases, then the batter will go in the field becoming the pitcher. The other players will rotate one position in the field. The pitcher will move to catcher, catcher to first, first to second, second to third, third to short stop, short stop to left field, left field to center field, center field to right field, right field becomes a batter. If , however, the batter flies out, the batter must exchange places with the outfielder who caught the ball. The batter continues to bat until he/she either flies out, strikes out or is put out.

6. After explaining the game, the students are assigned a position by the position numbers.

7. Monitor the game, giving positive and corrective statements at the beginning of, and throughout the game.

8. As the game progresses, the students will be able to move to the appropriate position at the appropriate time.

9. The game is played for the rest of the class period.


Formative assessment - (Verbal)

The teacher will ask the following question: “ Position 9 is _____________.” expecting the students to supply the answer orally. The teacher continues to ask about the different positions in random order. The teacher continues giving positive and corrective statements at the beginning of, and throughout the game.

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