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Name the Device

Addy Melendez


Do you know the parts of a computer? Do you know what an output device is? Students identify three different types of computer devices by cutting, labeling and pasting pictures of the different types of devices on a poster.


-Colored Construction Paper
-Computer Magazines, newspaper, flyers
-computer (clip art) printed on paper


1. Have samples of old computer hard drive and old floppies (different sizes). Open up a floppy so that the students can see how they are made.

2. Have computer magazines available for cutting and pasting of pictures.

3. Have a finished product so that the students can see an example of the final product.


1. Explain to students the definition of input, output and storage devices.

2. Show different samples of the different types of input, output and storage devices in your classroom. If possible, for storage devices, bring in an old floppy drive or a hard drive and show it to students.

3. Show the students each type of device and ask them to identify it. Provide formative feedback throughout the learning process.

4. Give each student three pieces of different colored construction paper. Have them label each paper with a type of device (Input, Output and Storage).

5. Instruct students to cut and paste pictures from either computer magazines, newspapers, flyers or computer clip art printed on paper that relate to each one of the types of devices. Label as to the type of device depicted.

6. Model the procedure. Cut and paste a few pictures from a computer magazine on the appropriate colored construction paper. Ask the students to identify the picture as to type of device.

7. Once the paper is completed and turned in to the teacher, the teacher could have the papers exchanged among class members and discussed.


Formatively assess students by looking for their ability to identify the different types of input, output and storage devices by researching magazines, newspapers, flyers, or computer clip art for pictures. Students cut and paste and label each picture to the appropriate type of device. (NETS for Students: 1.1)


1. This lessons could be used with ESOL students where student can write the label of the devices in Spanish and look up the meaning of the word in English.

2. For ESE students, the teacher could reduce the number of pictures needed for each device to a smaller amount.
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