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Political Ramifications of the American Revolution

Catherine Thornton


Students will understand reasons the colonists demanded more freedom to expand their territorial domains and extend their few freedoms via studies of the many parliamentary actions of Great Britain, as well as effects of these actions.


The student understands the significant military and political events that took place during the American Revolution.


-Computer with Internet Access
-Large screen T.V. connected to computer
-State-adopted World History or American History Text
-Writing utensil


1. Separate 3x5 cards with topic choices.
2. Summations for each topic.
3. Make copies of Diagnostic Pre-test.
4. Make copies of Post Test .


1. Begin lesson with brainstorming by asking the following questions: Where and when did we learn about our form of government? How did our form of government begin?

2. Assuming a class population of 28, students will arrange themselves into seven groups of four members each. Within the group, a leader will emerge, as well as a recorder, a researcher, and a presenter.

3. A random drawing will take place to assign each group the topic for review. Those topics will include the following:

Status of Great Britain and France and that situation
Causes and Efffects of the Stamp Act
Declaratory Act of 1766 and the Boston Massacre
Boston Tea Party and the Quebec Act
First Continental Congress
Declaration of Independence
Revolution and Its Ramifications Politically

4. Students will research and review their topics and prepare a presentation to share with the remainder of the class.

5. After each group completes their presentations, students will comment and question the presenting group for clarification and/or details, if necessary.

6. Non-presenting students will take notes on the content of the presentations to assist in the final assessment.

7. Guided practice will be achieved as the teacher circulates around the classroom and assists students in proper note-taking steps while verifying alertness of all students.

8. Following all presentations, brief summaries will be given by the teacher to ensure consistency.

9. The Post Test will be administered and graded.

10. Closure for this unit will entail completion of the essay as listed in the assessment.

11. Homework assignment will be to study the notes and summations taken during the class presentations on the given topics for preparation for a final test on the materials.


1. A diagnostic instrument will elicit level of prior knowledge regarding the beginnings of the American Revolution and a review of note taking will occur. (See associated file)

2. Group assessments will include organization of presentation, depth of content, apparent understanding of topic, and completeness.

3. Additionally, after all reports are shared with the remainder of the class, each student will compose an essay on the following topic: ‘Was the British government fair or unfair in expecting the colonists to pay taxes to Britain? Defend your answer with logical analysis. Students must support their argument with specific facts and details. Determine a number of reasons, facts, etc. prior to asking students to write the essay that should be included in the paper. Share this with students prior to writing of the paper.

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Attached Files

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