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I Need a Job

Shelia Ray


Students learn that individual character traits play an important role in their daily lives and could impact their future employment status.


The student knows the skills needed to be a responsible friend and family member (eg., communication and sharing).


-Several copies of classified section of the newspaper
-Highlighter for each student
-Examples of actual want ads whose qualifications include words such as respectful, responsible, friendly, caring, trustwothy, honest, etc.
-Picture of tangible items: large home, boat, sports car, jewelry
-3X5 card for each student


1. Save several weeks worth of classified ads.
2. Cut out large pictures of tangible items: house, boat, car, etc.
3. Actual want ads, character traits highlighted, and posted on a poster.


This lesson focuses on character education and conflict resolution skills as related to Goal 3 standards.
1. As you hold up a picture of each tangible item ask, “How would you like to own one of these items?” How can you own them?- Solicit the response MONEY. -How do you get money?- Briefly discuss the benefits of being employed.

2. List what things we need to do in order to get a job. List the three components as (1) education, (2) staying healthy, (3) ?

3. Discuss levels of education and type of employment to expect. Example: doctor versus fireman.

4. Discuss the benefits of being healthy and drug-
free. Example: Not missing work days because of illness.

5. Erase the question mark and print GOOD CHARACTER. Ask what does character mean?

6. Produce a student-generated list of positive character traits. Include words such as responsibility, fairness, honesty, respect, compassion, courage, etc.

7 Say: “ I have PROOF character matters! Show the pre-selected want-ads with the character traits underlined. Ads could be enlarged and presented on transparencies. Read aloud and discuss the purpose of want-ads, and the identification of qualifications. Example: Why would it be important to be caring when working as a nurse?

8. Give each student a section of the want ads and a highlighter. Students are instructed to identify, by highlighting, character traits used as job qualifications. Students should easily identify 3 traits. Students read aloud one want ad.

9. Ask students about their career goals and the qualifications necessary to be an effective and responsible worker.

10. Pass out a 3x5 card to each student Ask them to design their own want ads. Instruct students to write their career choices on the front of the cards. On the back list the character traits that may be helpful in obtaining this career goal.


Formative assessment is in the form of the highlighting activity (the student highlights character traits he finds in want ads). Student should be able to identify at least three.
Formative assessment continues with the product based student generated want ads. Student should be able to list several character traits that may positively affect future employment by being a responsible and effective worker.


Using weblinks, the student finds additional job descriptions that emphasize character traits.

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