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Colonial American Villages

Patti Corley
Bay District Schools


The students construct a model of a colonial village. An understanding of why the New England, Middle, or Southern Colonies were settled in regions, will be shown through the students' visual and oral presentations.


The student understands why Colonial America was settled in regions.


-U.S.History research derived from texts, library books, trade books, electronic encyclopedidas, web sites, maps, etc.
-Natural materials such as wood, pinecones, cotton, leaves, soil, seeds, etc.
-Man-made materials such as cardboard boxes, sugar cubes, paper, wire, plastic, foil, etc.
-Copy of Colonial American Village RUBRIC (See attached file.)


1. Teachers will use direct instruction to introduce colonial America.

2. Teachers will provide RUBRIC to students prior to colonial village research and construction.

3. Teachers have necessary research materials available, schedule media time, help collect tangible materials (send newsletter home, notice of needs to faculty for old -stuff-, etc.)


1. The class will be divided into groups (3-5 students per group is recommended). Each group will be assigned a region of Colonial America (New England, Middle, or Southern).

2. The students will conduct research using various sources such as:texts, library materials, internet sites, interviews, and other available technology.

3. Students use research to construct Colonial Villages. (Rubric gives guidelines)

4. Visual and oral presentations will be given.


The Colonial Village RUBRIC criteria will be used to assess by the visual and oral presentations of the Colonial Villages.

Criteria includes:
~Village construction consistent with the region
~Village representation consistent with the region and historical sources
~Village construction is built to scale
~Village components are labeled and accurately described
~Village construction exhibits authentic materials
~Village construction is completed in cooperative groups with students taking on appropriate roles

Attached Files

Colonial Village Project Rubric     FFile Extension: pdf

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