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Politics: Who Is in Control?

Patricia McAdams
Bay District Schools


Students will read the article "Council Members Clash over Administrator's Job." They will be asked to think about how they would feel being placed in the same situation. All students will participate in role playing the news article.


The student understands the role of special interest groups, political parties, the media, public opinion, and majority/minority conflicts on the development of public policy and the political process.

The student knows various ways in which to resolve conflict using positive behavior.


-Class copies of the news article "Council Members Clash Over Administrator's Job" from NEWS HERALD Panama City, Florida June 27th, 2001 (See Associated File.)


1. Make copies of news article (see Associated File).
2. Assign students a character for role-playing.


This is a Conflict Resolution lesson. It addresses the Goal 5 Standards.
The students know how to use effective interpersonal communication skills that enhance health.

1. Tell students that some political people are in class today. This will open up a discussion (who, where, etc.).

2. Explain to the class that an administrator and a group of council members are here with us today. (Students will wonder where they are since there are only the class members and the teacher in the room.)

3. Students will share what they know about the jobs an administrator and city council members perform.

4. Tell students that today they are politicians. Teacher should assign roles according to the studentsí personalities: commissioner, administrative assistant, mayor, media, etc. All students will participate.

5. Students will be given the article "Council Members Clash Over Administrator's Job." (See Associated File.)

6. Ask students to read the article and to think about the actions. Possible questions are as follows: Are they appropriate? Why or why not? Will these actions affect you in any way? What would you do differently? Are they setting good examples for the public? Should the media publish these types of meetings?

7. Next, students will role play the article and compare their actions against what really happened.

8. During these activities, the teacher will observe class participation, responses, and peer interaction.


Students will learn the role of a politician's job.
Students will experience politics in action.
Students will learn how to control their emotions.
Students will have positive peer interaction.
Students will resolve a "Political Conflict."
Students will learn strategies for effective communication.
Teacher will observe students in class participation, role-playing, and class discussion.

If an essay is assigned on the suggested topic, the Florida Writes rubric can be used to score the essay.


Changing the reading activity to fit the grade level can modify this lesson. This lesson can be shortened for lower grade levels.

Attached Files

NEWS HERALD Panama City, Florida June 27th, 2001.     File Extension: pdf

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