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Give Me Five!

Kathryn La Rosa


Children hear a story about cooperation and identify different ways in which they can use their hands for helping.


The student listens for a variety of informational purposes, including curiosity, pleasure, getting directions, performing tasks, solving problems, and following rules.

The student knows the skills needed to be a responsible friend and family member (e.g., doing chores and helping others).


-SWIMMY by Leo Lionni. Dragonfly Books, ISBN 039482620
- Poster board with a large fish outline.
- Chart paper and markers for writing down brainstorming ideas.
- Construction paper and scissors.


1.Go to the library and get the book SWIMMY by Leo Lionni.
2. Get construction paper in various colors
3. Draw a large outline of a fish on poster board. Post on board
4. Get glue and scissors for each child
5. Post large chart tablet for writing down students' ideas
6. Have markers available to write ideas on chart and on hand cutouts.


1. Tell the children that you are going to read a story to them about a school of fish that all work together.

2. Ask children to listen for how Swimmy and the other fish work together. Read the story SWIMMY.

3. Lead the children in a discussion of the story and how Swimmy and the other fish work together to keep themselves safe from the big fish.

4. Brainstorm with the children, and list the activities that they do at school and at home that require cooperation.

5. Give out construction paper and let the children trace their hands.

6. Children cut out their hand patterns.

7. Children dictate an activity that they can help with at home or at school. Write the activity on the hand pattern.

8. The hand patterns will be glued inside the large fish outline making the hands look like scales and completing the fish outline.


Formatively assess listening skills by asking each child to think about one activity that he/she participates in at home or at school, that makes him/her a -helping hand.- The chart will be divided into school and home activities.The child's understanding will be demonstrated by the activity that is suggested for the hand cutout. The activity should reflect that he/she understands the concept of helping hands and working cooperatively.


Writing a class story retelling the Swimmy story can extend this lesson.
Children who are able can write a journal entry about how they help their families.
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