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Tackling Mean - Median and Mode

Jeffrey Townsend


Get ready for some football! Wear a jersey of your favorite player or team and get ready to tackle mean, median, and mode. The students fill in stat sheets using the numbers on jerseys. This is a great kickoff for the Math Bowl!


The student identifies the mean, median and mode from a set of data.


-Overhead projector
-Overhead pens
-Stat sheets (1 per student)(See associated file)
-Overhead of the cheer (See Associated file)
-Index cards if needed
-String or yarn


1. Make sure you have an overhead projector available.
2. Have the pens for the overhead. (Make sure they still work)
3. Make a transparency of the opening cheer and stat sheet . ( See associate file)
4. Have enough copies of the stat sheet ready for each student.
5. Make enough nametags for students who do not wear jerseys or have a jersey with a number. (Choose numbers from 1- 99 only.) Use the index cards to write the numbers in big, bold letters. You will need to make a few nametags with the same numbers. Use string to help hold the cards around the neck.
6. Have one calculator ready.
7. Very important! Remind the students a few days before the lesson to wear their jerseys on the day of the lesson.


1. Lead the students in a cheer to get them ready for the upcoming math season. Ex. Two, four , six , eight, who do we appreciate Dolphins (name of your school’s mascot) Dolphins, Dolphins!

2. Review how to find mean, median, and mode.

3. Select five students that have jerseys as a demonstration group to help model mean, median, and mode in front of the class. Make sure that two jerseys have the same number, you will need this for mode. (If two students do not have the same number use a neck tag )

4. Using the demonstration group, model finding the mean of the numbers. Have one student walk to each jersey and use mental math to add all of the numbers. That student will write the sum on the Stat Sheet on the overhead.

5. Another student will then divide the sum using the stat sheet on the overhead. That student will record the answer on the overhead copy of the stat sheet.

6. Recheck the answer by having another student use a calculator.

7. Use the same demonstration group to model finding the median. Have a student position the jerseys from least to greatest facing the rest of the class. This means the student will literally guide the jerseys to a position. The jersey that is in the middle is the median. Have another student record the data on the overhead copy of the stat sheet.

8. Use the same demonstration group to model finding the mode. Select a student to group the jerseys. Find numbers that are listed the most.

9. When the student finishes grouping the numbers, find which group has the most jerseys. The group with the most jerseys is the mode. Another student will record the answer on the overhead copy of the stat sheet.

10. Group the students with a least five in each group. Make sure each student has a number on his/her jersey. If they don't have a number, give them a neck tag with a prewritten number. Make sure one of the numbers in each group is duplicated.

11. Have the students complete the Stat Sheet using the numbers in their group.

12. Have the students conference in their groups. They will discuss how they came up with each answer and be prepared to share with the whole class.

13. Groups share with the class.


The teacher will formatively assess individual stat sheets by observing the students during the activity.


1.Type the data that is to be used for the lesson on the stat sheet.
2.Use this plan with graphing a favorite team. (Points scored , attendance at each game, rushing yards, or passing yards)

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