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Train Talk

Pat Commander
Bay District Schools


Students learn to retell specific information. They will listen and interpret train whistle signals and work cooperatively to play the game “I'm Going on a Train Trip."


The student retells specific details of information heard, including sequence of events.

The student listens attentively (e.g., does not talk while others are talking).


-Chart paper
-Magic marker
-Train whistles (Supplied by local railroad line or visit
-Checklist (See attached file)


1. Become familiar with the different train signals (contact local railroad company).
2. Secure large chart and magic markers of various colors.
3. Gather enough train whistles in order for each child to have a whistle.
4. Duplicate the checklist for each group. (See attached file.)


1. Begin the class with a discussion of what students know about trains. Keep a chart of the information about which students talk. Encourage the class to talk about train sounds and vocally demonstrate some of the sounds they hear trains make.

2. Using a mock train whistle, demonstrate the sequence of whistles that trains use to convey messages. Students demonstrate their ability to recall the sequences of whistles by blowing their whistles.

3. Teacher divides class into groups of four. The teacher assigns an engineer, conductor, passenger, and brakeman for each group. The engineer starts the train by saying, "I’m going on a train trip, and I’m going to take my _________." The conductor will repeat the engineer’s sentence and add another item. Continue sequencing pattern until the brakeman repeats all items being taken on the train.

4. Visit each group with checklist (see Associated File) and listen to each student repeat the sequence. Teacher provides feedback if the sequence is broken.

5. The train pulls into the station, and the engineer blows a whistle when everyone in the group successfully repeats the sequence.

6. Group rotates train duties until everyone has been the engineer.


Use a formative assessment, an individual checklist in the attached file, to assure each student can successfully sequence words heard. Feedback will be provided by teacher by prompting questions, such as "What was put on the train first, second, next and last?"


This is a Conflict Resolution lesson.

Attached Files

A checklist.     File Extension: pdf

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