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Aviator Timeline

Stuart Brannon


The students choose five famous aviators to research and present the information in a timeline format. The students use a variety of sources for their information.


The student understands how individuals, ideas, decisions, and events can influence history.


-List of famous aviators from which students will choose five
-Bulletin board paper cut into strips 10- by 36-
-Markers of various colors
-Some type of research software (Encarta, World Book, etc.)
-Word processing software for final paragraphs
-Access to library research materials
-Rulers or yardsticks


1. Make a list of twenty famous aviators (lists can be found in an encyclopedia or on the Internet).
2.Cut bulletin board paper into 10- by 36- strips.
3. Load appropriate encyclopedia software into computers.
4. Construct a checklist of requirements that will be used for assessment, and run one copy for each student.


1. Students will be given a list of famous aviators from which they must choose five.

2. Students will be divided into groups so that one group may conduct research in the classroom while another group is conducting research in the library.

3. Students will be required to find out the following information:
a.) What was each person's main contribution to aviation?
b.) What year did this person make this contribution to aviation?

4. The students will take the information gathered during research and construct a timeline on the bulletin board paper. Each aviator must have one paragraph written (word processed) below the date on the timeline describing his or her contribution to aviation. Above the date there must be a picture of the aviator.


Students will be assessed using a teacher-made checklist. Each timeline must contain the following items:

1.) A picture of the aviator (above the date)

2.) The date of the aviator's contribution

3.) A paragraph (which has been word processed) that describes the aviator's contribution and how he/she has influenced history (below the date)

The criteria should be met for each of the five aviators that students choose to research.
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