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Finding Nice Things to Say

Deborah Brannon


The students have the opportunity to praise all class members in a written form.


The student knows various ways to communicate care, consideration, and acceptance of self and others (eg., by cooperating).




1. Get enough plain paper for each student.


1. Discuss with students how it feels when someone says something nice to you or about you.

2. Give each student a plain sheet of paper. Have each student write his or her name somewhere on the paper.

3. The teacher will also do the same on a piece of paper.

4. At a designated time, have students pass their papers to the person to their right.

5. Explain that there will be no talking during this activity until the end.

6. Explain that they are to write something nice about the person named on the paper they have. They have to write something. They cannot leave it blank. They do not write their names on the other person's paper.

7. At a designated time, again pass the papers to the right. Write on the new paper. Continue to do this until everyone has written on each classmate's papers.

8. The papers should end up at their rightful owners. When each person has received his or her own paper back, give time to read over the paper to see what other people think or feel about him or her. (It might be wise to let the teacher review the papers first in case some of the comments are inappropriate).

9. Ask students to share one of the sayings on the paper that made them feel good. Ask them, -How did it make you feel?-

10. The teacher participates in the activity with his or her paper also being sent around. The teacher also writes on the students' papers. The teacher also shares his or her feelings about something that was written.

11. At the end of the lesson, again ask, -How does it feel when someone says something nice about you?-


Teacher formatively assesses students' written and oral communication and personal feedback from students for acceptance of self and others.
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