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The Power of 1: Individual Assessment of Anthem

Kara Davis
Bay District Schools


Individuality is the major theme of Rand's novel [Anthem]. This lesson extends that idea to the classroom by offering unique summative assessments using Multiple Intelligences theory instead of a standard multiple-choice test.


The student determines the main idea and identifies relevant details, methods of development, and their effectiveness in a variety of types of written material.

The student locates, gathers, analyzes, and evaluates written information for a variety of purposes, including research projects, real-world tasks, and self-improvement.

Analyzes the effectiveness of complex elements of plot such as setting, major events, problems, conflicts and resolutions


-Construction paper
-Notebook paper
-Graph paper
-Hole puncher
-Pencils, pens
-Colored pencils or markers
-Index cards


1. If desired, visit weblinks for background information on Multiple Intelligences and Ayn Rand.
2. Gather construction materials
3. Create or duplicate test papers and scoring rubric (see attached file).


1. Students should have completed reading [Anthem].

2. The day before the test, go over the unique test format without giving away specific questions so that students may study appropriately. Review the rubric and checklist with students. (See attached file.)

3. On the day of the test, remind students of the importance of individualism in the novel. Tell them that today they will be tested as individuals, allowing their unique talents and skills to shine.

4. Pass out the test papers and rubric to the students. Read the general instructions at the top of the test aloud.

5. Provide students with construction materials.

6. As the students are working, walk around, monitor progress, and provide assistance as appropriate.

7. Use the checklist to formatively assess students on Goal 3 Standards. (See attached file).

8. Collect papers at the end of class.

9. Use the attached rubric to assess each test.


1. Use observation and the checklist to formatively assess each studentís performance (see attached file).
2. Use the rubric to summatively assess the effectiveness of each studentís test (see attached file).


1. ESE or ESOL students may be allowed to use their books for reference during the test period.
2. In preparation for FCAT Writing, students may be asked to write an expository essay explaining how they created their particular Multiple Intelligences' product.
3.Prior to testing, time may be spent helping students identify their Multiple Intelligence type. (See web links.)

Web Links

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Ayn Rand

Attached Files

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