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Dalys Avila


After listening to a story read together, students will demonstrate their understanding of sequence by retelling the story.


The student listens for specific information, including sequence of events.


-Copy of [The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything], by Linda Williams, illustrated by Mega Lloyd, 1986, New York, NY, Harper Collins
-Construction paper


1.Obtain copy of [The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything].
2. The teacher draws pictures of items from the story which the students will color to make books to be taken home. For example, the teacher can make drawings of a pair of gloves, shoes, pants, a shirt, a hat, pumpkin head, etc.
3. Gather materials for coloring take home books (crayons,glue,scossors).


1. The teacher and students brainstorm ideas relating to how things are sequenced, such as waking up, brushing teeth, taking a shower, and getting dressed for school.

2. Read [The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything] to the students.

3. After reading the story, give students a copy of teacher-made sequence sheets of items from the story to color. They will use these to make a booklet. After the students color the sheets, collect and store them until the students are ready to use them.

4. When you are ready to conduct the sequence activity, divide the students into small groups (2 or 3) and give each group a colored sequence sheet. Explain to the students to listen carefully as you reread the story. Tell them to hold up their sequence sheets when they hear the part of the story that relates to their sheet.

5. Rotate sequence sheets to give each group a turn.

6. Return sequence sheets to students to make into books that they will take home.


During small group instruction teacher will observe students using correct sequence when retelling the story. Also, assess the completion of student booklets. Give the students feedback.


This lesson can be used with ESE and Elementary Education students
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