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Power Place Value

Marcy Burnette


Students learn Power Place Value numbers - hundreds, thousands, and ten thousands by working with a variety of manipulatives in a cooperative learning activity.


The student uses concrete materials to model equivalent forms of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.


-40 Counters for each pair of students
-Base 10 blocks for each pair of students: 3 Hundreds, 12 Tens, 15 Ones
-40 Popsicle sticks for each pair of students
-1 Place value mat for each pair of students
-1 Worksheet for each student (See attached file)


1. Gather manipulatives and place value mats.
2. Get overhead ready.
3. Copy a worksheet for each student. (See Associated File)


*Note: This lesson covers knowledge of value of a given digit in numbers from hundreds to ten thousands.
1. Review the concept of place value up to the hundreds place by using the manipulatives and place value mats in whole-group instruction. For example, have the students show 375 using the manipulatives and then work the problem on the overhead to check for comprehension.

2. Place the students in groups of two.

3. Give the students a variety of manipulatives counters, Base 10 blocks, and Popsicle sticks and place value mats.

4. Give the students a variety of numbers(hundreds, thousands, and ten thousands) and have them work in groups to show the numbers using the manipulatives and place value mats. Observe the groups for comprehension.

5. Discuss the relationship of the various digits in the numbers. For example, ten hundreds equals one thousand, ten thousands equal ten thousand.

6. Have students complete worksheet to check for comprehension.


Perform a formative assessment by observing students for comprehension of concept as they work in their groups with the manipulatives.
The students will accurately answer questions on the worksheet in order to show understanding of concept.


This lesson could be modified by using higher or lower numbers, for example ones, tens, hundred thousands etc. It could also be extended by writing and interpreting the expanded forms of the numbers used in this lesson.

Attached Files

A worksheet on place value to check for comprehension of concept.     File Extension: pdf

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