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Making a Speech

Samuel Love Sr.


This is an introduction to the public speaking process.


The student applies oral communication skills to interviews, group presentations, formal presentations, and impromptu situations.


-Speech Skills sections 514-543 from Sebranek, P., Meyer, V., & Kemper, D. [Writers Inc.]. Wilmington, Massachusetts: Write Source/Great Source Education Group, a Houghton Mifflin Company, 1996. (optional)
-Website on public speaking (see WebLinks)
-Class roster


1. Read the chapter (see Materials) or visit the website (see Weblinks).
2. Prepare a five-minute speech on a famous person to model for the students.
3. Prepare a critique/grading sheet based on the list of tactics (see Assessment). Make a copy for each student or post the tactics in the classroom.
4. Take your class roster and pair up the class for an exercise. The first student on the roll will make a short speech on the second student on the roll and vice versa. The third student will make a short speech on the fourth student and vice versa and so on.


1. Gain attention by giving a five-minute speech on a famous person.

2. Present objectives of the lesson.

3. Relate to present knowledge by explaining that students see people making speeches every day on the news or in church.

4. Assign students the chapter (see Materials) to read or share information from the Weblink.

5. Discuss the information on public speaking with the class.

6. Review the critique/grading sheet (you created) with the students.

7. Provide for practice by having each student stand in front of the class and give a short speech on the good qualities of an assigned classmate (make sure everyone gets a chance to give their speech and that every student has someone say something good about them).

8. Provide feedback by telling them how well they met the discussed criteria.

9. Give student assignment to make a five-minute speech on a famous person.

10. Listen to the students' speeches and formatively assess their work using the critique/grading sheet (you created).


Students will make a five-minute speech on the life of a famous person.
Formatively assess students in the use of the following tactics:
1. speak loudly so as to be heard at the rear of the room by the teacher
2. vary the rate of speech to add emphasis
3. vary the pitch of speech to add emphasis
4. use pause of speech effectively
5. articulate/pronounce the words correctly
6. support ideas as necessary
7. include an introduction
8. include a body, which includes the person's early years of life, the educational background, and their achievements
9. include a conclusion.


This lesson can also be used to teach students to give or write speeches using an outline. Students could be given a selected topic and could be assessed on the writing and the presentation.

Web Links

The Advanced Public Speaking Institute provides 20 categories of over 100 articles of guidance for public speaking.
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