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Captain's Quest

Thomas Martin


Students work together to gather communication skills, leadership, trust, respect and creativity in this indoor/outdoor activity.


The student knows skills for communicating effectively with family, friends, and others.


-A platform 36 inches square and six inches high. (Platform can be constructed by 2x6 treated lumber.)
-Index cards used for writing scenarios


1. Have the platform placed in an area to where no one will fall and hurt one another.
2. Have index cards prepared prior to the activity beginning.


**For this activity, there will need to be eight students in each group. The group goal will be to effectively communicate and be creative in their way of thinking.

1. Have your students go over a few stretches prior to beginning the activity.

2. Go over with students the importance of being respectful while placing their hands and other body parts on the platform.

3. Have students go over S.O.S.(Stepping On Safely and Stepping Off Safely) even though the platform is only six inches high, horseplay can still cause injuries.

4. In this lesson, students will be assessed on their ability to work together to gather communication skills, leadership, trust, respect and creativity. Therefore, class discussion on effective communication skills should be held prior to beginning the activity. Discuss effective communication skills such as listening carefully, providing clear, accurate direcitons, speaking in an audible voice, etc.. Be sure to stress the importance of effective communication skills in this activity.

5. Divide students into groups and have the group pick a team leader that can direct the team's movements, however, let the team leader know that a good leader is also a good listener and his team members will provide him with views that will help the group be successful. Let your group know up front that nasty four letter words CANíT will not be used during todayís activity.

6. Show the team leader a scenario that is written on an index card. Do not let the team leader have the card or hold the card but allow him as much time as needed to study the card. Your first scenario can be easy such as: put three elbows six feet, two behinds, and eight hands on the platform.

6. Once the team is successful, let the team leader know that they were successful and allow them to step off the platform.

7. Go ahead and show the team leader another card. This time, make them work a little harder such as: four elbows, two knees, four behinds, and one ear. (You can change it up as much as you like and make it only as difficult as your age group allows.)

8. Everyone will assume that they are not allowed to touch the ground during the activity. Only when you see that they continue to try and try will you let the team leader in on that important information. Some groups will ask and of course tell them that they can touch the ground.

9. Once the activity is complete, ask the group questions like: -Can anyone give an example of communication?- -Did the group show any teamwork?- (If so, give examples.) - How did trust play a part in this activity?- -What type of effective communication skills were used?-


Observe to see if the students are able to use different methods of effective communication such as verbal, non-verbal, or body language.

Watch to see if the students are showing the respect that is required for this activity.

Observe the teammates to see if they use creativity and work with each other to accomplish the assigned task. Watch for traits of cooperative workers such as: working together, not arguing, listening to each other, etc.

Listen to the students discuss the activity to see if there is much thought put into the discussion at the end of the activity. Listen for effective communication skills from each student and group of students.


The instructor can be as creative as he/she wishes. Use different scenarios such as strategic or even real world accomplishments.
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