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It's Play Time

Thomas Martin


During this outdoor activity, students attempt to focus on several objects which causes them to move in different directions.


The student knows various techniques for catching thrown objects.


-Several soft objects to be thrown and caught


1. Have the soft objects consolidated in one bag, ready to be handed out to the students.
2. Locate an area outside to conduct the activity.


**In this activity, students are assessed on their ability to focus on as many objects at one time as possible and on their knowledge of a variety of techniques for catching thrown objects. A group of at least ten or more students is needed for this activity.

1. Before beginning the lesson, review a few safety tips with students concerning being respectful in the throwing of the objects. Discuss and demonstrate a variety of techniques students could use to catch the objects.

2. Have the students create a circle, facing each other.

3. Ask for one volunteer to begin the activity.

4. The first student stands in the center of the circle.

5. Hand out one soft object to each student except the student standing in the center of the circle.

6. Explain to all students that all objects are thrown at the same time when instructed to throw. Determine a good average height for the ball to be thrown up into the air (approximately twenty feet).

7. All balls should also be thrown in the proximity of the student attempting to catch as many objects as he/she can possibly catch at one time. Provide feedback to students both inside the circle and outside the circle throughout the activity as needed.

8. After everyone has gone through being center of attention, the teacher might want to step up the challenge by having the students throw even two or more objects.

9. Observe to see how many students try to throw the object directly to the student and how students work cooperatively together. Remind the students that this activity requires the student to focus on as many objects that they can at one time and use a variety of techniques for catching thrown objects.

10. Once the activity is complete ask the group questions like:
a. Can anyone give an example of trust?
b. How did trust play a part in this activity?
c. How did focus play a part in this activity?
d. What type of techniques were most effective for catching the thrown objects?


1. Observe to see if the students are able focus on as many objects as possible to catch before the objects hit the ground.
2. Observe to see if each student uses a variety of techniques for catching the thrown objects.
3. Observe students to see if they are working cooperatively (listening to each other's ideas appropriately, offering positive feedback, focusing on goal of activity, resolving conflicts appropriately, etc.).
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