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Snack Time

Marilyn Daniels
Bay District Schools


This is a fun activity to introduce writing sequential information by composing a simple recipe.


The student composes simple sets of instructions for simple tasks using logical sequencing of steps.

The student writes simple informational texts (for example, three-step instructions in sequence, expository pieces).


-Loaf of bread (enough for teacher and each group to have 2 slices)
-1 Jar of peanut butter for each group
-1 Jar of jelly for each group
-Plastic knives/spoons
-Paper towels
-Chart paper and marker
-Pencils for each student
-Handwriting paper for each group
-Index cards (1 for each student)


1. Gather all materials for activity.
2. Set up/display chart for student dictation.
3. Divide materials as needed for each group.
4. Display/make available handwriting paper, index cards and pencils.


1. Ask students how many have ever made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or how many have watched their parents make one.

2. Tell students that you are going to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but you must first have a recipe (instructions).

3. Using chart paper, record the recipe exactly as it is dictated by the students. (They will probably leave out steps and list instructions out of order.)

4. Make a sandwich following the exact steps the students dictated.

5. Discuss the importance of using specific details when sequencing events, and the importance of putting steps in the correct sequence (order).

6. Place students in small groups (no more than 4) to revise the recipe for the first time.

7. Give each group two slices of bread on a paper towel, peanut butter, jelly, handwriting paper, pencil, and a plastic knife or spoon.

8. Each group makes a sandwich using its first revised recipe.

9. While groups prepare sandwiches, check recipes to make sure the steps are sequential and logical and provide feedback to groups regarding the preparation.

10. Based upon the feedback provided by the teacher and the peanut butter and jelly sandwich made, each group revises the first recipe as appropriate.

11. Distribute an index card and pencil to each student.

12. Using the index card, each student then writes and submits a final copy of his recipe for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

13. If time permits, each student may share his recipe with the class or with the other members of his group.


Use the criteria below to assess each student's written recipe:

Commendable-Student is able to write 3-step instructions with simple logical sequential information.
Acceptable-Student is able to write 2-step instructions with simple logical sequential information.
See the Teacher-Student is unable to write logical sequential instructions.


1. This lesson may be modified to use with any simple activity. For example, prepare Smores, construct a bridge out of toothpicks, instruct rules of a game, direct travel from one place to another, or prepare a treasure map.
2. The writing may be prepared by a group of students or by individual students.
3. The student groups may write their recipes (instructions) on chart paper and then share with whole class.
4. ESOL students may write the text first in their native language and then translate into English.
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