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Write All About It (Intermediate Grades)

Debra Spradley


Everyone has surprises in their lives and loves to share about the event. Students brainstorm these events in their lives and then use their past experiences in a pre-writing activity.


The student creates a logical organizational pattern appropriate to narrative writing (including a beginning, middle, end).


-Chart paper
-Semantic Map (See Associated File)


1. Put up chart paper and have markers available if you do not have a chalkboard/chalk.
2. Make copies of the Semantic Map. (See Associated File)


1. Start out the class by brainstorming with the students some surprising events that they have experienced in their lives.

2. Take one of the examples given in the above activity and use it to model a semantic map.

3. Number the events that lead up to the surprising event in sequential order, using terminology such as beginning, middle, and end.

4. Hand out the Semantic Map (See Associated File) to all students and ask them to think of a surprise that happened to them.

5. Have students fill in the map with the events and number the events 1=beginning, 2= middle, etc. (If they cannot think of an event in their own lives they can choose one from the brainstorming chart.)

6. As students finish the pre-writing activity, conference with them to confirm intended organizational pattern.


Students create a semantic map as an organizational pattern for a narrative writing.

Level 4 - The map has at least 4 accurate and complete statements about the event.
Level 3 - The map has mostly accurate and complete statements about the event.
Level 2 - The map has some inaccurate and/or incomplete statements about the event.
Level 1 - The map has many inaccurate and/or incompelte statements about the event.

Attached Files

This file contains the Semantic Map.     File Extension: pdf

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