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Perky Plurals

Janice Jowers
Okaloosa County Schools


The students learn how to form the plurals of words by adding -s, -es, changing the y to i and adding -es, changing the f or fe to v and adding -es, and some irregular cases. The children then use this knowledge to play a station activity game.


The student uses parts of speech correctly in written word (including but not limited to verb tenses, plurals of common irregular nouns, comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs).


-A copy of the Introduction Words (See Associated File)
-A copy of the Perky Plurals game board (See Associated File)
-A copy of the Perky Plurals Words (See Associated File)
-A set of four file folders
-144 Index cards (either whole or cut in half)
-4 Answer Keys to use with the Perky Plurals game (See Associated File)
-4 Pennies
-Small manipulatives to serve as markers on the game board


1. Download the materials from the Associated Files.
2. Write the Introduction Words on the board. (See Associated File)
3. Prepare the four file folder games by printing four copies of the Perky Plurals game board (See Associated File) and gluing them inside four opened file folders. Print four copies of the Perky Plurals Words (See Associated File), cut them apart and glue or tape each word on an individual index card, either whole or cut in half. There will be one set of words for each file folder game board. You might want to laminate the file folder game and the cards so they will last longer.
4. Print four copies of the Answer Key (See Associated File) to be used with the game to make it self-checking. Laminate the answer key so it lasts longer.
5. Gather four pennies.
6. Acquire small manipulatives such as erasers, coins, colored paper clips, etc. for the children to use as markers.


1. Prepare the four Perky Plurals file folder games (See Preparations) to include the game boards and Answer Keys. (See Associated File) Gather four pennies and small manipulatives for the children to use.

2. Write the Introduction Words on the board. (See Associated File)

3. Read and discuss the words with the students explaining that they name one thing.

4. Explain to the students how to make each word more than one, emphasizing the language rule followed in each instance. (See Associated File)

5. Elaborate on this concept by having the students share words they can think of that follow each rule for forming plurals.

6. Explain to the students that when they go to the language learning station they will play a game called Perky Plurals. To play the game they draw a card with a singular word on it, change the word to its plural and spell the plural word. Explain that to make the words plural they follow the rules they have just learned. If they are correct, they toss the penny. If the penny lands on heads, they move one space. If it lands on tails, they move two spaces. The winner of the game is the one who gets to the end first.

7. Model for the students how they are to read a word and change it to its plural tense, then flip the penny to advance the marker.

8. Place the Perky Plurals folder game complete with the word cards, pennies and manipulatives for markers in the language station for the students to complete at station activity time.

9. At this time, choose any 5 of the singular words from the Introduction Words sheet. Put them on the board. Tell students that they must change the word into its plural form and write a sentence with it.


Note: This lesson assessment only deals with the part of the GLE concerning plurals.
1. Observe the children as they play the Perky Plurals game. The students should identify the plurals of the words with 80% accuracy. Students not reaching 80% accuracy should be retaught and reassessed.
2. Assess the students' sentences to see if the words were correctly changed into their plural forms and if students were able to write sentences using them correctly.


1. Have the students write nouns on index cards. These words should be examples of things, and follow the rules that have been studied.
2. Have the children write the plural of the words on the back of the cards. The teacher should check the cards to be sure they are correct.
3. Let the children use their own words the next time they play this game.
4. Modifications: The students who have difficulty reading should work with a partner to make sure they read the words correctly to enhance their comprehension of this reading skill.

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