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Current Events- Attack on America

Amy Osborne
Lee County School District


Explore and discuss the significance of what happened to the world on 9-11-01.


The student extends and refines understanding of the effects of individuals, ideas, and decisions on historical events (for example, in the United States).


-Internet access (computer)
-Magazines (Time, Newsweek, etc.)
-Digital cameras and/or scanners
-8 1/2- x11- paper
-Markers and crayons
-Chart paper


1. Teachers need understand the KWL model understood (see file and Weblinks.)
2. Collect variety of 7-10 resources that need to be on hand for students to have access to when they research this topic.
3. Have appropriate materials for paper quilt (see material lists above) at hand.
4. Know how to operate technological equipment, like digital camera and/or scanner, internet (computer), and television.
5. Know how to upload on to Website, ask school technology specialists for assistance.


NOTE: Please read through the entire lesson before deciding if this lesson is appropriate for your students.
1. Ask the students what they know and understand about the events that occurred on 9-11-01. Ask questions like: What happen on 9-11-01? What do you understand about terrorism?

2. Explain and exercise the KWL model to demonstrate what the student knows, wants to know and has learned about the events centering 9-11-01. Separate the students into small groups and on chart paper have them create a KWL chart from the group's thoughts. Remember that the L (learned) column will remain blank in this activity. Then bring class back together and discuss the events on 9-11-01(see associated file.)

3. To complete the learned column of the KWL chart, have the students explore the resources through the media, newspapers, Internet, interviews, and magazines to research the events surrounding 9-11-01. Next have them complete the learned column from the KWL chart and discuss as a class.

4. The students will then demonstrate their cognitive and affective understanding of the events through the creation a paper quilt. Explain what a quilt is, how it originated, and what a quilt represents (the idea of many pieces coming together to create one big picture) (see Weblinks.) Each student will then create an 8 ˝” x 11” rectangle piece. As a class, glue together everyone's quilt pieces and the cummulative result will be one big quilt representing their thoughts and feelings towards what happened on 9-11-01.

5. Using a scanner and/or a digital camera, upload images of the pieces of the quilt and create one virtual class quilt. (Here you will need to have complete understanding of how to operate digital cameras and/or scanners, ask your school technology specialists for advice).

6. Create a link on your school Website and display the virtual quilt. (This is optional.)

7. Once the quilt is completed, have the students sit in a circle and discuss their final thoughts. Prompt with questions (see assessment.)


1. Have students write a personal reflection on why they chose the specific pieces of material from the provided resources for their individual quilts. Assess according to journal requirements of the class.
2. On chart paper the students will complete the KWL model; what has been learned about the events surrounding 9-11-01. A rubric is provided for assessment of KWL activity (see associated file.)
3. Observe a final discussion to determine if the students really understand what the events of 9-11-01. Prompt questions like, Why did terrorists do this to the United States? How has the United States come together in this American tragedy?


Students can work with partners.
Provide newspapers and Websites in other languages.

Web Links

This site contains an excellent display of patriotic quilts.

This site contains an archive of news articles dating from Sept. 11, 2001.
University of Michigan Document Center

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Attached Files

A KWL Rubric and a Chart/Worksheet.     File Extension: pdf

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