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Prefix Power

Janice Jowers
Okaloosa County Schools


The students will increase their vocabulary by learning about root words, prefixes and suffixes. They will then use this knowledge to play a Prefix Power station activity game.


The student uses a variety of strategies to determine meaning and increase vocabulary (for example, prefixes, suffixes, root words, less common vowel patterns, homophones, compound words, contractions).


- A copy of the Prefix Power Introduction sheet (see Associated File).
- A copy of the Prefix Power game board (see Associated File).
- A copy of the Prefix Power sentences for the game board (see Associated File).
- A set of four file folders to use to make the folder games for the station activities.
- Index cards (either whole or cut in half) on which to glue or tape the sentences for the game.
- The answers for the Prefix Power sentences to tape or glue on the back of the cards for the game (see Associated File).
- Four pennies.
- Small manipulatives for the children to use as men on the game board.


1. Download the materials from the Associated Files.
2. Make an overhead copy of the Introduction Sentences (found in Associated Files) to use on the overhead projector.
3. Make sure the overhead projector is in position to project on the screen.
4. Prepare the four Prefix Power file folder games by printing four copies of the Prefix Power game board (found in Associated Files) and gluing them inside the four opened file folders. Print four copies of the Prefix Power game sentences, cut them apart and glue or tape each word on an individual index card, either whole or cut in half. Glue or tape the answers on the back. There will be one set of words for each file folder game board. You might want to laminate the file folder game and the cards so they will last longer.
5. Place the Prefix Power games in the Language station.
6. Gather the four pennies and the small manipulatives.


- Download the Prefix Power Introduction sheet (see Associated Files) and make it into an overhead.
- Prepare the four Prefix Power file folder games (see Teacher Preparation).
- Gather four pennies.
- Acquire small manipulatives such as erasers, coins, colored paper clips, etc. for the children to use as men.
- Acquire an overhead projector.

Procedure for instruction:
1. Display the Prefix Power Introduction sheet for the students on the overhead projector.
2. Read and discuss the paragraphs with the students, filling in the three blanks with the appropriate words.
3. Elaborate on the concept of root words, prefixes and suffixes by having the students share words they can think of that have prefixes and suffixes and how those prefixes and suffixes change the meanings of the words.
4. Explain to the students that when they go to the language learning station they will play a game called Prefix Power. To play the game the student will draw a card that has a sentence on it. The sentence contains a root word that needs either a prefix or a suffix added to it. The player is to state aloud what prefix or suffix needs to be added. The student then turns the card over to check for the correct answer. If they are right, they toss the penny. If it lands on heads, they move two spaces, if it lands on tails, they move one space. The winner of the game is the one who gets to the end first.
5 Model for the students how they are to read each sentence and determine the correct prefix or suffix.
6. Place the Prefix Power folder game complete with the sentence cards, pennies and manipulatives for men in the Language station for the students to complete at station activity time.


The teacher should observe the students as they play the Prefix Power game. The children should identify the prefixes and suffixes used in the sentences with 80% accuracy. Students not scoring 80% accuracy should be retaught and reassessed.


Have the children think of and write sentences with words that have prefixes and suffixes. They could work together with a team of students to think of these sentences. Have the children write these sentences on index cards, leaving out the prefixes or suffixes. Have them write the correct prefix or suffix on the back. The children could use these cards to play their next Prefix Power game.
The students who have difficulty reading should work with a partner to make sure they read the words correctly to enhance their comprehension of this reading skill.

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