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Sing a Song About the Continents

Jennifer Marshall


Engage in a fun-filled song that entices children to learn the continents of the world.


The student knows the locations of the four hemispheres and selected countries on a map and globe.

The student understands that a map represents a real place.


- A rug or large map of the world
- Blank map of the world for each student
- Transparency map of the world
- Overhead projector and marker


1. Prepare a map of the world that has the continent names listed on each continent.
2. Make one copy of the map for each student and one transparency of the map.
3. Locate a large rug or map that has the continents with their names located on them.
4. Practice singing the words of the song to assist students in learning the song.


Begin by telling students: We live in a world filled with people. Where do you think all of those people live? They live on one of these seven continents. (Show overhead map.) A continent is a large piece of land that has several countries in it. Let's look at each of these continents.
1. Give each student a map that has the continents labeled. Students select their favorite color crayon.

2. Call out one of the continents. The students underline the continent name on their map as the you underline the continent name on the overhead map. Continue this activity until each continent has been underlined.

3. Teach the students the -Continent Song-.(Continents, continents, do you know your continents? Continents, continents all around the world. Asia, Africa, North and South America, Antartica, Australia, and Europe too.)

4. As the students sing the song, each child takes turns stepping on the continents on the rug map as the continent names are called in the song.

5. Guide students in this process until the students can complete the task independently. At this time show students the four hemisheres (Northern and Southern, Eastern and Western.) Show students which hemisphere(s) each continent is located in.

6. This activity can be repeated as many times as necessary for the students to master the location of the continents.


To assess this activity, cover the names of the continents on the rug or large map. Then, have students sing the song and step on the correct continent as they name the continent in the song. An alternative assessment is to provide each child with a blank map, and allow the students to write the name of the continents on the map. The continent names should be written on the board to allow students to view the correct spelling. Students should be able to list the continents that are in the Western Hemisphere or the Eastern Hemisphere, the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere. If students have difficulty with the assessment, review the song several more times until every child is successful.
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