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Winning Resolutions

Melanie Henderson
Bay District Schools


After being taught -I Care Rules- for handling conflicts, students will role play different situations and use the -I Care- rules to handle the conflicts.


The student knows positive ways to handle anger.


-I Care- materials
--I Care- rules
-Notebook of -I Care- rules
-Poster of -I Care- rules
-Poster of -I Care- terminology
-Pieces of paper with problems on them
(ex. Johnny hits Susie as he walks by)
-Chairs for students to sit in while communicating to each other
-Rubric for students to score roleplay


1. Get training in -I Care- conflict resolution.
2. Model and practice the steps in the classroom prior to having students use it.
3. You will need an -I Care- Teacher's manual.


Teacher begins with a basic review of the -I Care- rules and terminology. Over the past few weeks we have been learning a new way to resolve conflicts and problems. Can anyone tell me what the five rules to -I Care- are? Good. Why is it important to learn and follow these rules? (It allows you to solve problems yourself.)

Ask: What are the four steps we use when a problem arises?
1. Say the person's name.
2. Tell how you feel.
3. Tell what the person did to make you feel that way.
4. Say what you want them to do in the future.
Great job!!! Today, we are going to take all the learning we've done about conflict resolution and put it and you to the test.

In this bag, I have slips of paper. Each slip contains a problem. Two of you will come to the front of the room and sit in the chairs. You will choose a slip from the bag. The two of you need to act out and solve the problem, the best way you can, using the I-Care rules. Your classmates will grade you with the rubric we have developed. Everybody will have an opportunity to role-play today. Are there any questions?

Then let's have our first two volunteers. (Each session should last under five minutes.)

Collect all rubrics at the end.


Students will peer assess each group using a rubric with the following criteria:

The student
-Followed the -I Care- Steps to solve conflicts (list the steps)
1. They say the person's name.
2. They tell how they feel.
3. They tell what the person did to make them feel that way.
4. They say what they want them to do in the future.

-Listened attentively to one other
-Remained calm throughout conflict resolution
Total of 6 points
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