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Safety Scenes

Carolyn Modawell


The students look at teacher-developed or student-developed slides of safe and unsafe situations. They identify the possible dangers and what can be done to prevent them.


The student recognizes that injuries may be prevented.

The student identifies safe and unsafe behaviors.

The student distinguishes between threatening and nonthreatening environments.

The student compares behaviors that are safe to those that are risky or harmful.


-Slide projector
-Screen or wall
-Switch activated slide advancer
-Chart paper and markers
-Camera and film if own development of slides is desired.


1. Take pictues of stiuations or have students take pictures.
2. Get pictures developed.
3. Gather materials.


1. Preparation: The teacher or students will go around school/home/community environments and take slide pictures of safe and unsafe environments including signs.

2. Have slides developed.

3. Students will take turns advancing slides and -leading- the discussion. Pictues will include: stop, danger, poison, keep out (etc) as well as situations such as crossing a busy street, hitting or rocking a soda machine, someone smoking, raw meat left on the counter, and any other pictures that represent health or safety issues.

4. Students that require physical assistance may use the switch adapted slide advancer.

5. Students will discuss each picture and find all the -hidden- health and safety hazards. They will then discuss how these situations can be improved or avoided.

6. Through this discussion they will develop safety rules that will be recorded on the chart paper.

7. As a follow up they may go around their school/home/community with the teacher or family and look for potential hazards.


Students are able to assess the situation in the slide and identify the problem and what to do about it. The student will find problems in their schools/home and/or community. Students will be able to identify safety and health rules.


Switch activated slide projector advancer by ABLENET will assist those students with physical impairments in being part of the group.
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