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My Body

Carolyn Modawell


Students learn the names and location of the human body parts. Working as a team to find pictures of different body parts, students put them in the correct position on a life size outline of a human body.


The student knows names of body parts.


-Large roll of paper for outlining body.
-Magazines and catalogs
-Glue or paste
-Chalkboard/chalk or poster board with body parts listed on it.
-A small size sample of project to demonstrate finished project to the students.
-A blank outline of a body on a regular size sheet of paper.
-A list of body parts that the students need to find on a seperate sheet of paper.


Write a list of body parts on the chalkboard so the students will know what to look for when working on their projects. The more advanced the students, the more detailed the list of body parts might be.(for example young children might look for legs, arms, head, etc. while older students might also look for fingers, elbows, toes, eyebrows etc.) Make a smaller example with a few cut outs in place to demonstrate what is expected.


1. Divide the students into groups of 3-5 students. Each group should have the needed supplies for the activity.

2. Demonstrate outlining a student's body on a large piece of paper and show the example with the cut out body part pasted in place.

3. Students outline the body of one student on a large sheet of paper.

4. Students look through magazines and catalogs for body parts.(arms, legs, head, etc.)

5. Students cut the body parts out and paste them on the outline. For example, they would have lots of small cut-out legs pasted on the leg of the outline figure.

6. Students will use markers to copy the name of the body part on the correct location.


Assess to see if the students can identify the name and location of the body parts. Younger/nonreaders students will be asked to name the body part when requested by the teacher. Next, students show the teacher where the body part is upon request, for example -Show me your elbow.- The teacher may use the outline developed by the student for the students to demonstrate location and name. The teacher may choose to do this at a later date to check for retention. The older students or those that can read (or who are learning to read body part words) will have an outline of a body the size of a sheet of paper and a list of body part words. They match the correct word with the correct body part by cutting and pasting the word to the smaller version of the body outline. Another way to assess the success of the activity is to let each group take turns -teaching- the rest of the class about a section of the body.


For students who are more physically impaired switch adapted scissors could be used to make them part of the team. A voice output switch should be available for the impaired student to let his/her team know when the student sees a body part. Small pictures of the body part may be used with the words printed on the chart or board so the student with learning diffculties will have a cue as to what the word says.
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