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Off to Work We Go

Renee Benefield


Students role-play different jobs and decide if their jobs are to produce goods or provide services. At the conclusion of the lesson, students draw pictures and write about a job in each category.


The student understands the difference between goods and services.

The student knows how different types of work benefit the family and community.


-Large chart paper or chalkboard (The chart paper is easy to relocate to a bulletin board or social studies center.)
-Pencils, crayons, markers for student use
-Student copies of Off to Work We Go handout (See Associated File)


1. Put up chart paper or prepare the chalkboard.
2. Copy the Off to Work We Go handout, one per student. (See Associated File)
3. Supply crayons and markers for student use.


1. Introduce this lesson by asking the students what their parents do to make money for the family.

2. After the students share, ask them what are some other reasons that people have jobs.

3. Explain that every job is very important to make the world better for everyone. Tell the students that jobs are created for different purposes. Some jobs are to help people or provide a service. Some people have jobs making things for people to use or enjoy.

4. Tell the students that people who have jobs that help people or do things for people are called services. Have the students come up with a list of jobs that would be considered a service. Give examples to help them get started, such as a hairdresser or doctor. List these on the chart paper or chalkboard.

5. Next, explain that in some jobs people make things or products. Some of these things are used by others or used to do other jobs. Give examples to help students brainstorm about jobs that would provide goods, such as a baker or a farmer. List these on the chart paper or board.

6. Ask students to role-play a job while the rest of the students try to guess the job. Then they decide if the job is a service or if the job produces goods for people to use or enjoy.

7. At the conclusion of the role-playing session, review with the students that all jobs are important for communities to function. Review the new concept words, goods and services.

8. Give directions for the independent activity. Ask the students to pick a job which would provide a service and one job which would produce goods. They are to draw a picture of the job under the correct heading on the paper that you provide. (See Associated File) They need to write out what the job is under the picture.

9. Collect papers and check for understanding of the new concepts.


After students have participated in generating a list of careers that are categorized by services or production of goods, the students are summatively assessed on their independent work that exhibits the basic understanding of the difference between careers of service and careers that produce goods. They are asked to produce a picture of a career that is a service and a career that would produce goods.


Students could extend this lesson by going home and asking their parents if their jobs are service jobs or jobs that produce goods. They could bring the information back, and the class could make a list of the jobs and place them in the correct column of a T-chart.

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