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The Stock Exchange Phase I

Alice Bobe
Bay District Schools


The students select a stock to follow. In the course of this lesson, they collect, organize, display, and analyze data. Students construct line graphs using the data from their selected stocks.


The student solves problems by generating, collecting, organizing, displaying, and analyzing data using histograms, bar graphs, circle graphs, line graphs, pictographs, and charts.


-Newpapers with the Stock Exchange listings for four continuous weeks
-Graph paper, pencils, rulers
-9-x18- drawing paper or file folder
-Electronic encyclopedia, such as Encarta
-File folders for storing stock information


1. Locate resource materials about the Stock Exchange: history, purpose, stock trading etc. using an electronic encyclopedia, such as Encarta.
2. Arrange to obtain newspapers for four continuous weeks
3. Copy the rubric from the attached file.


This is the first of a three part lesson. Phase I deals with data collection and analysis including creating a graph. In Phase II the students will use software to recreate their graphs and develop a multimedia presentation. Finally, in Phase III the students will present their projects to the class.

1. In a large group setting, initate a discussion that encourages students to share what they know about the Stock Exchange. Introduce the Stock Exchange and talk about its background, purpose, products, student use, etc.

2. Distribute copies of newspapers with listings on the Stock Exchange and discuss how to read and use them.

3. Each student illustrates a cover (file folder) with a title of the stock to store the data.

4. Students interpret and record the stocks of their choice for four weeks. During this time, the teacher periodically checks on student progress and answers any questions which may arise.

5. At the end of four weeks, students summarize and make a line graph with the results, and share their findings with the class. They explain the ups, downs, or lack of changes in the stocks they chose. They also explain if they would keep following this stock or choose another and tell why. Students interpret their findings and tell why their findings are meaningful.

Note: In Phase II the students will be given the option of choosing a different stock or keeping their original stock based on the results of their data in comparison with other students' stocks.


Formative assessment is continuous in this activity. The line graph and analysis paragraph are assessed using the -Stock Exchange Performance Assessment Rubric-, which is in the attached file.


As a follow-up, The Stock Exchange Phase II lesson can be found on the Beacon Learning Center.
Students with varying learning styles or exceptionalities may have a partner or work in a small group.

Attached Files

The Performance Assessment Rubric for the activity.     File Extension: pdf

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