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Mayan Culture Logbook

Jillian Eriksson
Lee County School District


The students use different websites to create a logbook of the Mayan civilization in order to become familiar with their culture.


The student understands significant cultural, religious, and economic features of civilizations in Mesoamerica and Andean South America.


-Computer with Internet access
-Plain paper
-Pen or colored pencils
-Overhead projector


1. Search for websites that contain interesting pictures and information on the Mayan culture.
2. Create an overhead transparency listing the websites they may use and the information they need to find.
3. Create your own logbook to have as an example.
4. Go to the websites the day of the lesson to make sure they are accessible.
5. Become familar with how to get to the websites using their addresses and also search engines.
6. Become familar with the websites so you can help navigate the students, if need be.


1. Put students in groups at each computer workstation.
2. Introduce the lesson by asking students what board games they like to play, what team sports are popular in America and what their favorite type of buildings look like. Have a very short class discussion.
3. Tell the students that Mayans also liked board games, team sports and buildings. The students are going to compare Mayan culture with our culture.
4. Each group researches the information together, but each person creates his/her own logbook of the information they have gathered.
5. Have students turn two pieces of paper landscape and fold in half. Label the front page Mayan Logbook. Subsequent pages should be headed: Culture, Religion, Economics.
6. Put an overhead on the screen that lists the websites and the information the groups are to research.
7. The students are to collect the information in their logbooks. Encourage them to put the information into the correct categories in their books. Depending on your class, you may want to instruct students to write in whole sentences, when possible.
8. Logbooks will be collected at the end of class for credit. Before collecting them, ask the students to share one important piece of information they discovered in their searches. Ask why it is a significant piece of information that was chosen to be included in the logbook.
9. The teacher will evaluate the logbook.


1. The students will be assessed on their Goal 3 Standards by how they work together in a group, how they navigate the websites, and how accurately they process the information into their logbooks.
2. The student will achieve the Sunshine State Standard when they complete the logbooks. Students should include information about the culture, religion and economics. Depending on the ability of the class, students of average ability should find at least 3 significant pieces of information in each category about the Mayans.

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