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Movie Analysis

Marshall Thomas
Broward County Schools


Students show the relevance of literary terms to a movie of their choice.


The student determines main concept and supporting details in order to analyze and evaluate non print media messages.


-Overhead film paper


1. Review literary terms
2. Have a model analysis of a common movie or one shown in class ready for discussion.


Note: Students should have already done at least two short story analyses by using the literary terms needed for this assignment.
1. Review at least two short stories with the students (This is done to familiarize them with how to analyze short stories). Students should be able to discuss the stories in terms of the main concept, supporting details, plot, setting, major events, problems, conflicts, and resolution.

2. Do a model movie analysis with students using the same terms.

3. Have students to choose a movie of their choice as long as it isn't R or X rated.

4. Students will need to submit name of the movie to teacher by the following day.

5. Explain to students that the assignment will be due a week from the assigned date. They are to view the movie and identify and explain it in terms listed in the assessment.

6. After assignments are turned in, review one or two analyses with students.

7. During discussion, see if the students can now
make connections of the analysis with their literary terms by comparing and contrasting the movie literary term analysis with a short story analysis.

8. Ask for feedback to find out what the students got out of the assignment. Be sure to see if they can see any relevance of the literary terms with the movie.

9. Make sure that the you use the checklist for assessment purposes.


As a formative assessment, tudents will identify and explain the following literary terms based on the movie:
plot, conflict, setting, point-of-view, characters, and theme.
The checklist will be as follows: (Yes or No)
Has the student identified the following?
Point of view
Major Characters

Has the student adequately explained the following?:
Point of view
Major Characters

For those who have difficulty, offer corrective feedback and assistance, through individual discussion.


After the assignment is completed, student can analyze the terms as they apply to the movie even further; e.g., have them to break the plot into its different parts and analyze those parts, compare and contrast two characters, etc.
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