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Pizza Fractions

David Hardrick


Students identify a whole and the fractions , , and using pizza.


The student uses objects to represent whole numbers or commonly used fractions and relates these numbers to real-world situations.

The student represents and explains fractions (one half, one fourth, three fourths) as part of a whole and part of a set using concrete materials and drawings.

The student uses concrete materials to compare fractions in real-life situations (for example, pizzas, cookies).


-Real pizza (already cooked)
-Warmer for pizza
-Pizza cutter
-Pizza fractions manipulative (a fake pizza cut into equal fourth portions)
-Scrap paper
-Pizza Fractions Worksheet


1. Order a pizza.
2. Have scrap paper nearby.
3. Count enough plates for the class.
4. Have napkins setup.
5. Have your fake pizza laid out.
6. Have your warmer pre-heated.
7. Make sure cutting and serving utensils are nearby.
8. Have the worksheet out and ready for distribution. (see Associated File)


1. Hold a cooked pizza in the front of the class and tell the class we are going to have pizza today.
2. Show the class your slice (which should be about half of the pizza).
3. Tell the class they will have all eat from the remaining portion.
4. Give students wait time (so they can process that this is not fair).
5. Put cooked pizza up to be kept warm.
6. After being establishing it is not fair and everyone should get the same amount (equals parts), talk about a family eating pizza for dinner and sharing the pizza equally.
7. Tell the students that the equal parts of the pizza stand for fractions.
8. Illustrate with the pizza manipulative a whole (1), , , and . (repeat this step as many times as necessary, introducing one fraction at time)
9. Allow student volunteers to come to the front and illustrate a whole, , , or , using the pizza manipulative.
10. Pass out scrap paper and have students take out a pencil.
11. Tell the students you are going to hold up a fraction of the pizza, and they are going to write down the correct fraction.
12. Show a fraction of the pizza; allow students to write their answer down.
13. Walk around the room observing student answers.
14. Repeat steps 11 and 12 as many times as desired.
15. Collect student papers.
16. Distribute pizza to be eaten.


1. Students will correctly illustrate the given fraction using the pizza manipulative.
2. Students will write the correct fraction when shown a portion of the pizza.


1. Have students complete Pizza Fractions Worksheet.
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