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Look at What I Did at School!

Lee Strain
Polk County Schools


Students use an outline to write a letter to their parents sharing their week at school with them.


The student uses simple alphabetical and numerical systems to organize information.

The student writes for a variety of occasions, audiences, and purposes (for example, letters to invite or thank, stories or poems to entertain, information to record).


-70-page composition notebook for each student
-Overhead projector
-Outline (See Associated File)


1. Supply or have each child purchase a 70-page composition notebook.
2. Write a letter to the parents telling them that their child will be writing an unedited letter home weekly telling them what they did at school. Explain to them that over the course of the year, their child's writing will improve with lessons taught and practice. Ask them to respond to their child's letter. At the end of the school year, they will have a journal to keep of letters written to and from each other.
3. Download the outline provided. (See Associated File)
4. Prepare a lesson on Roman numerals if necessary.


1. Explain to the students they will develop an outline to use in writing a weekly letter to their parents. Their letters will tell their parents about: an activity they enjoyed, something they learned, something they are proud of, and one goal they will accomplish the next week.

2. Give some background knowledge if necessary on Roman numerals. From the associated file, demonstrate to the students how to fill out a plan sheet using the outline.

3. Once the outline is filled out, model to the students how to use the outline to write a letter to their parents. This is an unedited letter to the parents.

4. Instruct students to open their notebooks and turn one page. On the reverse of that first page, have students write their plan (outline). On the adjacent page, students write the letter so they can follow their outline. (This also allows the teacher to see both the planning and final product simultaneously.)

5. The parents can respond to the students weekly.


Each week the teacher reads the student's letter to see if the information in the outline matches what is being written to the parent. If the information is not being included, the teacher assists the student with his/her letter.

Attached Files

An outline to help students write a letter to their parents.     File Extension: pdf

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