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Introduction to Fractions

Jennifer Catlett
Bay District Schools


This lesson is intended to introduce the students to fractions.


The student understands concrete and symbolic representations of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and percents in real-world situations.


-Student online lesson -Fabulous Fractions -
-Mathews, Louise. GATOR PIE. New York: Sundance, 1995, ISBN: 076080005
-Math Journals


Check the Internet stations to verify connectivity
Gather the following materials together:
Math Journals


The students will understand the concrete and symbolic representations of fractions in real-world situations.
Ask. You and your best friend go to the store. Your friend buys your favorite candy bar and tells you that you two will share it. How can you equally split this candy bar so that you both get equal portions?
1. Read and discuss the book GATOR PIE by Louise Mathews. Discuss the parts of a fraction (numerator and denominator).
2. Give each student several pieces of paper (8 1/2 x 11) and crayons.
3. Instruct the students to fold the paper into 4 equal parts and demonstrate.
4. Ask the students to unfold their papers and to color just one (1) part out of the four (4) parts.
5. Ask the student to tell you how many pieces the paper is divided or split into. (4) Ask the students how much is colored. (1) Write the fraction on the board and discuss both the numerator and the denominator. (1/4)
6. Do the above activity using various fractions. (Examples: 1/2; 3/4; 2/4...)

1. Assign the Student Online Lesson -Fabulous Fractions- to be completed during the students' assigned computer time.
2 Discuss items that you commonly divide, share, or split. (pizza, pie, cookie candy, etc,,,)
3. Math Journal entries. Have each student draw squares and complete the following fractions showing 1/2 and 2/4.


The students will demonstrate understanding by completing the assigned fractions in their math journals and giving a real-world example of their choice with an explanation of what that fraction means.
Formative Assessment: The students will demonstrate understanding by correctly completing the assigned fractions in their math journals. Check the math journals for understanding ( i.e... shading and dividing the square into parts, and explaining what the real-world fraction means).

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