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Africa's Geographic Features

Jillian Eriksson
Lee County School District


The students will learn of Africa's geographic diversity after answering the questions and locating its geographic features. The students will have a visual picture of these features by viewing them on the Internet.


The student uses a variety of maps, geographic technologies including geographic information systems (GIS) and satellite-produced imagery, and other advanced graphic representations to depict geographic problems.

The student understands the advantages and disadvantages of using maps from different sources and different points of view.


-Outline map of Africa (Class set)
-Three copies of each geographic question
-Colored pencils
-World Atlas (One book per two students)
-World History textbook (One book per two students)
-Internet accessible computers


1. Make three copies of the geographic questions and cut them into individual strips.
2. Make class copies of the map. (See attached file.)
3. Locate a set of world atlases. (See your media center specialist.)
4. Have extra colored pencils on hand.
5. View the website so you can direct the students in looking at the pictures.


1. Have students pair up.

2. Hand out one atlas for each pair.

3. Give each student a map of Africa that you printed from the attached file.

4. Introduce the lesson by explaining that Africa is full of very diverse geographic features and that these features direct the people's culture, language, and way of life in Africa. Learning the geographic features will help the students better understand these diversities.

5. Hand out the questions that you printed from the attached file.

6. Give each group two geographic questions. (Give each group different questions.)

7. Using their atlas, have the students answer the question and then locate the feature on the map.

8. Have the students label the feature. Some features will be shaded.
9. Have students create a key at the bottom right of the map to represent the shaded regions.

10. After a set time, have the students rotate the questions to another group.

11. Rotate the questions until every student has answered them and located the features on the map.

12. Using the computers, log onto the suggested websites. (See WebLinks.)

13. Have the students view pictures of the features. This will give them visuals to connect with the map.


The assignment is worth twenty points, one point for each located feature and two points for creating a map key.

Web Links

Web supplement for Africa's Geographic Features

Attached Files

Outline map of Africa and geography questions.     File Extension: pdf

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