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Word Pairs

Dianne Parks


Fifth grade students will participate in a teacher-directed activity to practice the trait of word choice. Students will create a narrative writing with appropriate word choice.


The student uses creative writing strategies appropriate to the format (for example, using appropriate voice; using descriptive language to clarify ideas and create vivid images; using elements of style, such as appropriate tone).

The student chooses specific detail and precise word choice to work together to support the story line.


-A copy of the book [Double Trouble in Walla Walla] by Andrew Clements, Brookfield, Connecticut, The Millbrook Press, 1997.
-One sheet of chart paper
-One box of markers
-Number two pencils (one for each student)
-Notebook paper (one sheet of paper for each student)
-Crayons (one eight count box for each student)


1. Get a copy of [Double Trouble in Walla Walla] by Andrew Clements, Brookfield, Connecticut, The Milford Press, 1997.
2. Display chart paper.
3. Get markers for chart paper.


1. Ask students to name all the word pairs of which they can think, such as double trouble, jingle jangle, tootie fruitie, fiddle faddle, etc. Record them on the chart paper so that all students can see them.

2. Once students have exhausted their own ideas, read the book [Double Trouble in Walla Walla] to them. Encourage students to write down any word pairs they hear as you read the story that are not already on the list.

3. After reading the story, discuss the story and its conclusion. Add other word pairs to the chart.

4. Have students work in pairs to write a story using as many word pairs from their list or own imaginations as they can.

5. Give them time to write, revise, and share their work with other pairs. Have each pair count the number of word pairs used in their story and find out which pair was used the most.

6. Have students illustrate a few pages and make them into a book.


Each student will work with a partner to write a narrative story using the trait of word choice. They will also illustrate the story. A rubric will be used as a formative assessment of student's learning.


Students could share books with younger students to help them to understand the trait of word choice. The wacky word pair books could be left in the media center for everyone to enjoy.
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