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La Casa de Sus Sueños

Rosalind Mathews


Using appropriate technology, students create a virtual tour of a house complete with a realtor's narration in the target language.


The student recognizes and appropriately uses oral syntax (grouping of words into sentences and phrases) and inflection in spoken target language.

The student recognizes the multiple ways in which an idea may be expressed in the target language and uses them appropriately.

The student provides information in spoken or written form on a variety of topics of popular and cultural interest (provides, e.g., descriptions, expressions of opinion, appreciation, and analysis).


-Software: Movieworks or other video editing software
-Hardware: Computer with 1 gig processor 128 mb RAM, and 54 memory with CD burner
-Digital video camera
-Digital still camera monitor
-Editing VCRs
-Database of house and room pictures
-Database of non-copyrighted music
-File of house and room pictures/or stack of home magazines
-OPTIONAL: blank CD for each project


1. Take a small group of students to various model homes to photograph and to videotape various homes, rooms, and settings for the data base; partner with the TV production teacher to have that class create the database; take the pictures yourself; or download pictures from the Internet.

2. Download digital pictures to create the database.

3. Prepare a sample project to use for the introductory lesson.

4. Gather home magazines, such as [House Beautiful] and [Good Housekeeping], or catalogues from businesses, such as Home Depot and Lowes.

5. Schedule a seven-day block in the computer lab for the appropriate class period.


1. Introduce the lesson by showing the class your sample home tour.

2. Assign partners and work stations, if computers and software must be shared.

3. Inservice small groups of students on the software and hardware while the rest of the group works on review lesson of house-related vocabulary and preliminary planning.

4. Activities.

Day 1
Students select partners, attend small group orientation to software, and practice some of the skills taught in the orientation.

Days 2-4
Students select, import, and edit pictures of rooms and then place them in order as they choose for their house tour. They begin writing the scripts for their narrations.

Days 5-6
Students add background music and complete their scripts and practice oral presentations. Some students may tape and import narrations.

Day 7
Students tape and import their narrations and burn CDs of their finished products.


Use the rubric in the attached file to assess the students' projects.


1. The student could also be required to write one or more letters to the prospective buyer introducing himself to the buyer and/or telling about the area where the house is located.
2. The class could be divided into buyers and sellers for the purpose of writing to each other about the sale. Buyers would have questions and state their requirements, sellers could write as in #1 above or tell about terms of the sale, etc.
3. This project can be done in any language and with any product in mind, such as a car.
4. This lesson addresses the following Design Qualities found in [Shaking Up the School House] by Phillip C. Schlechty, Jossey-Bass Inc., San Francisco, CA, 2001:
Content and Substance
Organization of Knowledge
Product Focus
Clear and Compelling
Product Standards: Protection from adverse consequences for initial failures.
Affirmation of Performance
Novelty and Variety

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