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Marking the Minutes

Christy Clanton
Bay District Schools


Marking the Minutes is a class timetable report of the time that the class spends during Uninterrupted Silent Reading. The time is added on each day, indicating the total number of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, etc. (actual increments of time).


The student names whole numbers combining 3-digit numeration (hundreds, tens, ones) and the use of number periods, such as ones, thousands, and millions and associates verbal names, written word names, and standard numerals with whole numbers, commonly used fractions, decimals, and percents.

The student recognizes and compares the decimal number system to the structure of other number systems such as the Roman numeral system or bases other than ten.


-Marking the Minutes poster
-Unifix cubes
-Student pencils
-Student copies of Place Value Journals


1. Create the Marking the Minutes poster
2. Gather unifix cubes
3. Acquire student Place Value Journals


1. Teacher posts the Marking the Minutes poster which is placed above a shelf or on a ledge so that unifix cubes may be stacked to create a model near the poster.

2. Each day the minutes spent in Uninterrupted Silent Reading are added on with each unifix cube representing a segment of time. Red cubes are used for seconds, with 60 red cubes being traded for each blue minute cube, with 60 blue cubes being traded for each yellow hour cube, with 24 yellow hour cubes being traded for a green day cube, with 7 green day cubes being traded for one orange week cube. Two students work together to write the number words for the amount on the chart as well as the numeral.`

3. After several days, students are asked to write a paragraph in their Place Value Journal explaining the place value system used in telling time. Later in a few weeks, students are asked to go back and re-read their journals, add to their explanation, share their entry with three peers, and then add to their explanation.

4. The teacher can check the accuracy of student's individual explanations. Additionally, the entries on the Marking the Minutes Poster can be checked for accurate number word/numeral terminology.


Teacher assesses Place Value Journal entries.
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