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Letters to My Friends

Tabitha Kosmas
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students write a friendly letter.


The student uses various parts of speech correctly in writing (including but not limited to subject and verb agreement, noun and verb forms, demonstrative pronouns, coordinating conjunctions).


-Book: Cronin, Doreen. [Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type]. New York: Scholastic, 2000.
-Sample friendly letter (See Associated File)
-Overhead transparency or poster of sample friendly letter
-Rubric for Friendly Letters (See Associated File)


1. Make copies of the sample letter and the rubric. (See Associated File)
2. Prepare a poster or an overhead transparency of the sample letter.
3. Preview the book, [Click, Clack Moo: Cows That Type].


1. Read the story [Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type] by Doreen Cronin.

2. Discuss friendly letters and their uses (to keep in touch, to say thank you or to issue an invitation).

3. Hand out copies of the sample friendly letter and read out loud. (See Associated File)

4. Display either a poster or overhead transparency of the sample letter.

5. Go over each part of the friendly letter. (They are labeled on the sample letter.) Give other examples of the salutation and closing as you go over these parts.

6. Assign students to write a friendly letter, including each part of the letter and using it correctly. Remind them to use proper mechanics while writing the letter. Hand out a copy of the rubric (See Associated File) to each student. Allow the students to refer to both the sample letter and the rubric when writing their letters.

7. Collect letters at the end of class. (If the students do not complete their letters in class, have them finish them for homework.)


The letters written by the students are assessed according to the attached rubric. (See Associated File)


Topics for the letters can be assigned to coordinate with a unit of study. For example, if you are studying oceans, have the students write a letter about a trip they took to the beach.
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