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How Do Words Feel? (Small Group)

Christine Davis
Bay District Schools


Students place their hands in a cup and decide if the materials inside that cup would describe a word that is harsh or soft.


The student knows various ways of communicating care and consideration of others (e.g., sharing and saying `please` and `thank you`).


-6 Tube socks
-Six 32 oz. cups
-The following words and phrases written on 1 x 3 index cards: please, thank you, May I?, stupid, shut up, ugly
-Small amounts of the following materials: cotton balls, feathers, felt, gravel, rice, sandpaper


1. Prepare the socks with the cups and materials for the center. Place the 32 oz cup in the sock. Put a small amount of the following materials and the word next to it in each cup.
cotton balls - please
feathers - thank you
felt - May I?
gravel - ugly
rice - shut up
sand paper - stupid
The students can now place their hands in the cups and feel the materials without seeing what they are.


1. Ask students if they know what harsh means. Ask students to give examples of some things that might be harsh. Ask students to give some examples of some things that might be soft.

2. Explain to the students that this center is set up for them to explore how words feel. Tell them that they will be putting their hands into a sock that contains some unknown material and relates to a word that the material might describe.

3. Explain to the students that they are to feel the material and try to guess if the word is a soft word or a harsh word. The students can write their guesses in their journals. After they write down what type of word they think it is, have them list several words that they think the mystery word might be. After recording their guesses, the students take the written word out of the cup and record it next to their guesses. They then put the word back into the sock and repeat the process with the next sock.

4. After the students have finished with all of the socks, have them write in their journals about which words that they would like to hear and why they would like to hear them.


Students write down their guesses for the words in each cup in their journal. They will also write about which words they would prefer to hear and why these words communicate care and consideration of others. The teacher will be able to assess their understanding of this concept through the students' journal writing.
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