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What's Next? (Kindergarten)

Tabitha Kosmas
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students read short passages, predict what happens next, and tell what information in the passage led them to their predictions.


The student uses prior knowledge integrated with text features to generate questions and make predictions about content of text.


-Kasza, Keiko. THE WOLF'S CHICKEN STEW. Scholastic, Inc. 1987.
-Copies of prediction activity (see attached file)
-Chalkboard and chalk or dry erase board and


1. Obtain a copy of THE WOLF'S CHICKEN STEW (or choose another appropriate story).
2. Make copies of prediction activity worksheet. (see attached file)


1. Read THE WOLF'S CHICKEN STEW aloud to the students and stop reading when the wolf is peeking through the chicken's door.

2. Define prediction for the students.

3. Lead a class discussion by having the students predict what will happen in the story. Have the students tell you what information in the story leads them to their prediction. (Write the predictions and reasonings on the board as the students give them.)

4. Finish reading (aloud to the students) the story.

5. Discuss the conclusion of the story.

6. Compare the conclusion of the story to the predictions made by the students.

7. Hand out the prediction activity sheet to the students.

8. Collect prediction activity sheets at the end of class.


The prediction activity worksheet will be the assessment for this lesson. Formatively assess students to make sure they make accurate predictions about the text. Those who are having problems will need additional guidance and practice.


Modifications could include:
1. using a different book
2. reading the passages (from the worksheet) orally to the students.

Attached Files

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