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Eating More or Less?

Carson Ealy, Jr.
Gadsden County Schools


Students investigate by using the Internet to research the types of eating disorders and summarize their effects on the body by creating a PowerPoint presentation or poster presentation.


The student knows eating disorders that adversely affect health.

The student uses electronic technology appropriate to writing tasks (including but not limited to the Internet, databases and software) to create, revise, retrieve, and verify information.


-One computer with Internet for each student
-PowerPoint application /posterboard


1. Copy the websites students need to research the types of eating disorders on the board or on an overhead transparency or PowerPoint.


1. Orally state the purpose of this activity (Say to students-This lesson will allow each of you to investigate eating disorders and gain an understanding of how the disorder affects the body. Ask students to take a minute and brainstorm what they already know. You might want to create a KWL chart on the board.

2. Write the disorders you want students to research on the blackboard and ask each student to select one. Examples are : Compulsive eating, Anorexia Nervosa, Binge eating, and Bulimia Nervosa.

3. Have students research the disorder they have selected using the Internet, taking notes as they read the information. You will need to review how to use a search engine and establish what type of notes you will require. (notecards, printed and highlighted pages, etc.) You will also need to establish the number of websites students must research.

4. From the information researched, students create a PowerPoint presentation or poster summarizing what they have learned from the research. You may need to model this for students. In addition, you may want to establish criteria--three slides, graphics, mostly correct spelling, factual information only, etc. Students should peer edit to check for conventions, misspellings, confusing information, etc. They should they revise their PowerPoints.

5. Students presentations will be assessed by how effectively they retrieve the information and the accuracy of the facts/treatments included in their presentations.


1.Student used the Internet to retrieve information effectively- YES NO (circle choice)
2. Summarization included accurate of information(facts, treatments) YES NO (circle choice)

Student must demonstrate the indicators for each of the goals listed in the lesson plan.

Information managers- students interacts with electronic networks-Internet. YES NO (circle choice)
Students show mastery if YES is assigned to 1, 2, and/or 3.


1.Student could write an essay of the disorders researched.
2. Research myths and realities of disorders.
3. Develop a resources kit for proper diets and nutrition
4. Create a poster of food allergies.

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